the quick and the dirty

Goooooooood morning sore body!!!

Hello from chilly MI!  I got back into town yesterday and it was quite the abrasive welcoming considering it was above 80* when I left Florida.  I must admit, I was a bit happy for the cold weather for about 15 mins.  Global warming freaks me out.

I’ve stopped and started this post a few times.  I’ve realized I am a bit overwhelmed that I ran another marathon.  I am dealing with both positive and negative feelings so I want to simply get the big things off my chest.

1.  I finished the Disney World Marathon in 6 hours and 14 mins.

runDisney - a chalk drawing, cool, huh?
runDisney – a chalk drawing, cool, huh?

2.  It was 80 degrees out and 90% humidity.

3.  I have never wanted to drop out of a race as much as I wanted to quit during this one.

4.  My family got to see me run!!

my niece took this pic as I passed them!  so happy they were there!
my niece took this pic as I passed them! so happy they were there!

5.  Everyone wore their medals around the whole weekend!  This was strange to me but fun at the same time.  HUGE amounts of support and well wishes from everyone – participants, volunteers, and Disney staff.

6.  Water stops galore manned by some of the nicest volunteers ever.

7.  I think I am going to lose the toenail on my left big toe.  My toenails are painted so I’m not sure but this is how it feels at the moment.

8.  I completely lost confidence and faith in myself during these 26.2 miles.

9.  I will never again go into a race this under trained again.

10.  Minimal chaffing for the win!  No bloody boobs!

11.  Fireworks at the start of every corral were really inspiring.

pic from runDisney facebook page
pic from runDisney facebook page

12.  So much support from all of you, friends and family!  What a treat!  I loved it and it supported me through my mental meltdown.

13.  I almost fell INTO an porta-potty hole.  It was so scary.  There is more to the story but the porta-potty was on a hill, I closed the door too quickly and lost my balance.  I would have fallen in arm and head first.  I only ended up slicing my finger open – it was too close for comfort.

Anyway, I fully intend to do a recap of the Disney World marathon as well as some fun stories from my trip.  It was a whirlwind for sure and I am completely and utterly exhausted.  I had such a blast with my family!  When I first signed up I was planning on going on my own.  But having them with me made it so much more special!

smiling and truly exhausted!
smiling and truly exhausted!  my sis made the great sign!

8 thoughts on “the quick and the dirty

  1. Congrats on one more marathon under your belt. Despite wanting to give up during the race, at least you learned that for next time a little more training!! Bloody boobs?? Guess thats one nice thing about having an incredibly small chest. I hate when people wear medals around after the race, but I do think Disney is an exception!

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