purple toenails are all the rage, right?

Taking a small break from my Florida story telling to whine a bit about my toe.  When I finished running on Sunday, I noticed my big toe on my left foot was sore but considering so was the rest of my body, I didn’t pay it too much attention.  The next morning at hella-early-thirty in the morning, I swung my suitcase onto the scale at the airport and hit the tip of that toenail.


Wow – it really hurt a lot and continued to do so that whole day and night.  In fact, it’s now Sunday and hey, guess what?  It still hurts!  Last night I did some intense research (lots of article skimming on the internet) and essentially I will more than likely lose my toenail and yes, this is a fairly common occurrence.  In fact, someone even suggested if you are losing a toenail you are now a “real runner”.  I call complete and total BS on this one since I’ve been a real runner for a while now and this is my first toenail casualty.

As I was perusing other blogs and sites to see what I should/could do I came across a comment from a dude who said he had lost a couple and he is going to ask his doctor to remove all of his toenails since he feels humans don’t need them.  Euuwwwa.

Anywho, my main concern is surprisingly not a vanity based one.  I completely plan on painting the skin (that sounds disgusting) once the toenail falls off.  Rather, it is still fairly painful, as in throbbing pain.  Today will mark one week and I’m slightly concerned I have a blister under the toenail and possibly an infection.  However, I am also a “worst-case-scenario” type of gal so I could be blowing it completely out of proportion!  Is this normal?

Last night, I tried to scrub it down with nail polish remover to double check that it is, indeed, purple and not nail polish residue or staining.  Yes, this was fairly uncomfortable and the whole thing is an off-shade of blue/purple.  One site, About.com suggested I take a paperclip, heat it up over a flame (after sanitizing it) and piercing through the nail to attack the blister.  Yeah, no way in this little corner of southwest Michigan is that going to happen!  I also can’t even tell if I have a blister but I wanted to share that horrible image with you.  I know, I’m such a giver.

Other than that, yesterday I was a complete waste of space.  Even I was impressed with my complete and utter level of laziness.  I did clean out my fridge and do dishes but really that can’t counter-balance the rest of the time spent on my bum.  Luckily, I saved my run for today just as an arctic front moved in – impeccable timing I have!

chilly kalamazooLast week I was running in 80* weather !  What a crazy life I lead!

I looked like freakin' rainbow bright but it was cold!
I looked like freakin’ rainbow bright but it was cold!

3 thoughts on “purple toenails are all the rage, right?

  1. I agree you should pop it (I’d say push pin over paper clip). The relief will be immediate, palpable, and hell, you’re gonna lose it anyway, right?

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