this post is like my veggie soup – a whole mix of things

I woke up this morning and for a moment, I couldn’t figure out if I actually had today off or if it was all in my head and I was late for work.  A wee bit of unease set in as I tried to wake up and put two and two together.  Yes, I am a bit unorganized first thing in the morn!

I looked outside and was welcomed with big FAT snowflakes falling at an admirable rate – I’m guessing a 5:30 minute pace!  Impressive!  When I don’t have anywhere to go and can stay cuddled up inside my apt all day, it can snow cats and dogs and I don’t mind!  Running?  Maybe… I haven’t quite decided yet.  I did notice that by the time yesterday rolled around I was really looking forward to running.  It’s been a couple of months since I had that feeling and it was nice.  However, I made some homemade vegetable beef soup in the crock pot.

hmmm, a tad full...
hmmm, a tad full…

Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand the laws of physics(?), geometry(?), whatever, and I had to transfer all the goods to my dutch oven since I didn’t even have all the ingredients in and it looked like that!

So.  Last night I finally put my profile up on a dating site.  I was nervous.  In fact, I may have had a mild panic attack where I wondered if I would ever find love or hell, if I was even worthy of it!  Seriously, my insecurities seemed to multiply and reared their ugly heads.

I watched this yesterday!
I watched this yesterday!

Yep, just like that…

I think part of my anxiety stemmed from feelings resurfacing from my younger days.  Yes, some of it is still there considering this is a new process but I did pull myself together and I actually think there is some excitement brewing (coupled with knee-knocking fear of course!).  I’ll keep you posted – I have a feeling this is going to be interesting!

I'm pretty sure this movie helped spur me into action on the whole dating thing
I’m pretty sure this movie helped spur me into action on the whole dating thing

Lastly, I’m certain my whole toe is going to fall off!  Enter in the dramatics… but since I am a complete chicken, I am going to visit the doc tomorrow and let them decide.  I’m probably going to have it amputated… ;)

4 thoughts on “this post is like my veggie soup – a whole mix of things

  1. I am pretty sure your toe WON’T fall off. I do know how you feel though because I have been certain that I was losing a toe too at times, but it didn’t fall off. :-)
    Congrats on taking the online dating plunge. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised sweet friend!

  2. Your toe won’t fall off. I promise! And I am SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOO proud of you for signing up for online dating. I think you’re gonna LOVE it and you nevvvver know what might come from it!!! KEEP ME POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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