my training plan… excuse me while I stress-barf

Have any of you ever seen the tv show, “The Mindy Project”?  It’s on after “New Girl” which I always forget about even though she kind of reminds me of myself.  Anyway, on an episode I watched, Mindy was talking about how when she gets nervous she “stress-barfs”.  I don’t always barf… so maybe I should have written, “stress-dry-heave”?  Nah, doesn’t have that same ring to it…

Why are nerves driving me to dry-heave?  I found a training plan!  One of my 2013 goals was/is to follow a training plan.  Like REALLY follow it – like really, really!  (ok, I’m done).  This is difficult for me – I don’t know if it’s my own little way of “bucking the system” or because I don’t like to feel boxed in.  Whatever the reason, I bonk out on plans.  But I want to improve and want to follow a plan.

Please welcome Hansons Marathon Method!  Despite the brothers being based out of MI, I had never heard of this training method.  Thankfully, Hungry Runner Girl has heard of them and wrote about it.  A week later, I ordered the book.  I got it this past weekend and have started making my way through.  (sorry – this is from amazon and you won’t be able to click to look inside – just teasin’!)


First of all, I flipped to the “plan section” so I could get rolling on this while I finish the book.  Completely cheating but my next marathon is in 3 months and I don’t have time to waste!  I went with the  beginner plan because while I may not be a total rookie, I am sure not veteran.

How is this plan different from others?  There is a lot of running.  You are running 5 days a week and some days are easy while others are “of substance”.  These include strength workouts, tempo workouts and speed workouts.  Then the other days are at an easy pace.  My absolute favorite thing about this program is they do not consider ANY miles, “junk miles”.  I am not a fan of this term to begin with so this spoke to my heart!  Before I got heavier into the mechanics of training and running (and all of the opinions out there) I ran because I liked it.  I knew how far but not really what my pace was.  I just did it.  I feel the Hansons Method gives some of that back to me.  Maybe it’s semantics but for me it clicks.

While the book isn’t a hard read, there are a lot of scientific aspects to it.  Typically, I am very good at understanding what I am reading, even if it means gathering information from the rest of the paragraph or whatnot.  I’ve had to read this a bit slower so all of the exercise science and anatomy pieces make sense to me, since this isn’t my background.  Well, I was a bio-major for two semesters but I only stuck with it the 2nd semester because a cute boy asked me to.  The bad grade so wasn’t worth it!

Now, I really do like the science explanations.  I have a much greater appreciation for what it takes for my body to get across that finish line.  Not to mention, the really amazing changes that happen in my body (and your’s!) when you run.  I’m not trying to be cheesy but the human body is one freakin’ incredible machine!

Because I am lazy, I am not going to type out the whole plan but this week I will run 24 miles total and my longest run for the entire training period will be 16 miles.  Again, right up my alley!  My highest mileage week will be 57 miles.  Me=lazy=this plan is PERFECT!

*toe update… I know, you might be wondering how much longer I can whine about this but seriously – who else wants to hear about my toe?  Not my co-workers, trust me, I tried them!  But it is feeling better and it hasn’t fallen off!  I guess I didn’t realize the actual joint would hurt…

3 thoughts on “my training plan… excuse me while I stress-barf


    Um, if you would like to email me your plan I’ll be your unofficial Jillian Michaels and yell at you everyday you have something until you do it. :)

    GOOD LUCK! I know you can stick with a plan and I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW you’ll KILL your time if you do!

  2. Meagan would be a really good Jillian – just sayin. Um, I didn’t realize you were running ANOTHER marathon. You are crazy girl!!!!! But I’m sure if you stick to the plan it’ll go MUCH better. Just don’t give yourself the option to opt out. Don’t think about it. Just do it because you have no other choice. And honestly, that’s true!!! Good luck! Can’t wait to hear more about it tomorrow!

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