ugh… I fell…

I was feeling a bit sassy this morning.  After trying on a couple of outfits I decided I liked my skinny jeans with a yellow and gray stripped sweater.  And EUREKA!  I completely forgot about my Ugg-like boots from last year!  The perfect complement!  Not to mention, all day yesterday I was moany-groany about how cold my feet were – it was a Friday outfit made in heaven!

Then I walked outside.  It’s snowing again and I’m fairly certain I had a bit of pep in my step… for about 5 seconds, then BAM!  I completely wiped out.  One leg went forward, one bent a bit awkwardly backwards (and protested)!  I sat there for a second taking stock and trying shake off the “I just fell” shock.  My knee was mobile, my ass was getting wet and miracle of all miracles, I didn’t spill my coffee!

no coffee was harmed in the making of this blog post
no coffee was harmed in the making of this blog post

I was in my office and the aches, pains and bruising settled in.  I’m pretty sure I am fine but after that shocky feeling left me, I started to hurt.  I hate falling.  Not only the ego bruising that comes along with it but just the overall jarring – so not fun.  I avoid it at all costs so when it does happen I tend to whine about it for at least three paragraphs.  I also called my dad.  Then I saw this on facebook and it eased the ego a bit


Other than that mess, yesterday, I volunteered to work late to help a co-worker out.  Since I was going to be there from 5-9 pm, I was able to leave at 3:30 and get a run in at the gym.  I didn’t get over there until about 4 pm (I was a bit slow) and did 5 miles.  I knew they wouldn’t be super easy since consistency is the name of the game and I’ve been slacking.  But I was happy I got them done and really enjoyed being finished with my workout by 5:10 pm.  I wish I could do this everyday!  It definitely sways me a tad more toward running in the mornings.  I mean, I am not going to get all whacky and do it everyday but I am considering!

Anyway, I totally thought we would be slow last night and I would be home by 7 pm.  I was completely wrong.  We were packed the whole evening and actually didn’t get finished until 9:45 pm!  The two downfalls of this were 1) I was a bit smelly!  I didn’t shower between the miles and work – oops! and 2) I was HUNGRY!  My dear co-worker had brought cookies so I ended up with 3 chocolate chip cookies for dinner.  I am truly a role model of healthy eating!  I was very happy I could help out though since none of us knew it was going to be that hectic.

I also went to fill my water bottle from the jugs in my car and I found this

I had two of these in the car - bummer
I had two of these in the car and they both look like this – bummer

When I first moved to MI, I didn’t think about this and left quite a few cans of Diet Coke in my car during the winter.  They exploded all over the inside of my car.  Seriously, my assistant was afraid for my safety when she couldn’t see in through the windows and just saw this mass amount of splatter!

Essentially, this is a post about me being graceful and not too bright.  Well, now some time has past and I will say, I’m currently icing my knee (ironic) and heating my back… oh well… at least it’s FRIDAY!

2 thoughts on “ugh… I fell…

  1. Falling is never fun. When I was in first grade I slipped on black ice and knocked my two front teeth out…ever since then I’m super careful around ice. Luckily in TN we don’t get much :)

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