deep(ish) thoughts and questions for you

Last night I ran at the indoor track even though I loathe the gym.  I’m totally turning into a wimp – I simply don’t want to run in the snow and ice right now.  Not to mention, I have either become more of a ‘fraidy cat or I’m becoming smarter and don’t want to run in the dark anymore.  Anyway, I digress…


So, during my run, I saw quite a few very heavy individuals working out.  First off, kudos to them!  I remember hating going to the gym when I was bigger (heck, I still don’t like it much) because we are surrounded by numerous 18-20 years olds and gravity hasn’t touched their bums or their boobs.  This is probably my own issue – I digress again!  While I was running, I saw these folks start and complete their workout and it really got me thinking.

Is some movement better than no movement at all?

I really used to believe this but now I am not so sure.  I definitely feel any movement is GOOD, however, are people with a weight issue setting themselves up for failure/giving up by only doing a minimal amount of exercise?  Walking around a track a few times (not even the full amount to make a mile) and then riding the bike for a bit is a good start but will it give people a chance to see real results?  And if they don’t see results will it end up being, “well, I tried exercise and it didn’t work so what’s the point?”

One of the Biggest Loser’s competitors talked about how she used to go to a trainer every Tuesday and then would follow-up the session with a fast food binge, most likely negating any positive effects of the work out.

What are your thoughts?

Here’s the thing, I ran around that circle 45 times so I did have some time to ponder this.  From my standpoint, I would hate for someone to go to the gym but then not see any results and give up.  I absolutely agree that you have to start somewhere though and maybe this was where this group was starting.  From my personal experience, it has taken me some time to realize what combination of nutrition, activity and being lazy will result in weight gain, loss or maintenance.  And maybe I just want to help folks before they struggle and decide it’s not worth it because it IS worth it!  There probably isn’t much I can do but it’s been on my mind…

this is how I felt after running in circles 45 times
this is how I felt after running in circles 45 times

Also, an 18 year old hit on me yesterday and while at the gym someone said they thought I was one of the students.  I need to hear these things since I will be hitting my mid (FREAKIN’) 30’s this weekend.  Yes, it is better than the alternative – but couldn’t another alternative be that I was born 3 years later?!  Why hasn’t science developed something like this?!  What are they wasting their time on?  I am getting older!  Again, with the dramatics… but I do have a bit of a complex!  Not to mention the RUDE Superbowl that decided to overshadow MY day with holding their little game – lame!

Tonight I went back to the gym for 5 more miles.  Here is my tale of woe – I was running and had a bad dizzy spell (epilepsy related – boo!) at mile 3.36.  It was pretty bad and I’m sure everyone else thought I ran into the side of the wall but instead I was grasping it to keep from falling over.  Not my favorite.  I walked/ran the next 1/2 mile.  This seemed to take forever and I wanted to be finished so I jumped on an empty treadmill and pounded out the last mile at a 10:14 pace.  Maybe not the wisest option but I got it finished.  I am proud for going back tonight, especially since it’s been a little while since I’ve run consistent days in a row.  Cheers to some self-discipline and (whoa!)106397609916714329_a2gCre5d_c a training plan!


7 thoughts on “deep(ish) thoughts and questions for you

  1. Doing something is certainly better than nothing. And I don’t think overweight people are stupid. I think they KNOW if they walk around for a few minutes (especially if they don’t change their eating habits) they are not going to lose any weight. “Eat less, move more” is the message I hear everywhere! You just have to be willing to do both. And I think everyone knows what their “enough” is – and maybe you need help and someone to push you to get there, but I don’t think we are as stupid as we like to think. It’s a crutch. I know it is for me a lot of times. Me, whining, “But I’ve been working so haaaard. It should be enouuuuugh.” Nope. It’s not. Gotta do more. It’s easy to give up though. But its a choice to give up, right?

  2. I think “enough” is what you can maintain over the long haul. I’m an all-or-nothing exerciser. I’m balls to the wall or laying on the couch. The reason I race so much is because it keeps me from reverting to my natural sloth-like state. Some people can’t handle two hours at the gym, but they can do 20 min on the way home from work. If they do it 5 days a week, then maybe that’s what “enough” is.

    As far as your mid-thirties go-I like mine just fine :) I look pretty much the same as I always did, but I care less about the little stuff. That and now that I’m old I can afford the good beer. I’m 35! Loud and proud!

  3. I totally hated the gym for a long time and I still kinda do because I always feel like people are watching me. Some odd reason I don’t mind if I’m running on a sidewalk and people see me, maybe because they only get a glimpse and can’t stare at me for an hour!!

    Keep it up girl!

  4. I think that something is better than nothing, but it isn’t about the movement either. I think that they truly have to want it and make lifestyle changes too. I know a lot of people that work out and then binge on crap when they are done. I don’t get it and it makes me sad that they are back at zero.

  5. You know, I think this is such a great topic! I was one of those that when I started my weight loss journey, I wasn’t sure what I needed to do. So I started walking at the track. 8 times around and I would call it good. (of course at a fast pace). :).
    Anyway, at 250 this was all that I felt I could do and so I did it. I started making small changes to my diet and even followed the weight watchers plan. And completely cut out cokes and processed sugars. The weight actually started to come off and this was such a huge thing for me and really motivated me to keep going. Along my journey, I realized quickly that I would still have to make adjustments along the way…..and still have to :).
    I guess it is just going to depend on that person and where they are at in their journey. But I totally agree, eventually I had to do more! Increase my workouts, think them out more, incorporate weights and even now my body tells me when to move on if something isn’t working for it. :)
    Great great post girl! Don’t worry, you look great!! I turned 38 this past Sunday and love my age! Have a great day!!

  6. I definitely think SOMETHING is better than nothing, but I agree that it’s hard when you don’t see PROGRESS. It makes it SO MUCH EASIER to quit and just say “I tried, it didn’t work. I’m meant to be XXX.” It’s also hard to make sure you don’t start eating MORE because you feel like you EARNED it or something. That’s hard to get past!!! Anyway– great topic!

    Um– NOT great about the dizziness! Has it been happening often?? Time for another doc appt???


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