a bit of birthday fun

You say it’s your birthday – it’s my birthday too!

I can’t tell you how often I quote “16 Candles”… maybe a daily basis?!


Today is my birthday!  I definitely have thoughts on this and want to share them with you but it will have to be tomorrow.  For now, here are some entertaining tidbits:

*Had so much fun with friends last evening for a low-key night out


*Woke up to texts from friends, a birthday call from my dad, birthday call from my bro and his girlfriend and my sister sent funny texts last night too!

*Then I got this today on my facebook – I laughed out loud!  Especially the beer-pong part!

birthday card

*Speaking of facebook – such lovely messages!

*Oh and a wee bit of recovery today!

I woke up starving... at 6 am... wendy's always comes through for me
I woke up starving… at 6 am… wendy’s always comes through for me

*Tonight  a few friends are throwing me a party – ok, it’s for the Super Bowl but we all know it’s really for ME!  Guess what?  One of my friends made me chocolate cake with rainbow chip frosting.  This would be my all time favorite.  I know, a bit simple but I love it!

It’s been a great day and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the love of friends and family.  I’ve simply sat back and soaked it all up – kind of like that feeling when you are laying in the sun and the vitamin D is sinking into your skin and you feel warm all over.  Actually, it’s exactly like that!  Thanks for being a part of my special day!

5 thoughts on “a bit of birthday fun

  1. Happy Belated Birthday- so nice to have it on a weekend and enjoy your day off! Since you like breakfast club, i have to ask- have you seen pitch perfect? lot of references on there :)

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