snakes, work, a treadmill and adhd – of course these all go together!

Happy Chinese New Year!  Or as my brother, who lives in Vietnam says, “Happy Lunar New Year!”  This is the Year of the Snake

my brother made this!
my brother made this!

And guess what – it’s MY year!  Wahoo!  2011 was year of the pig and that definitely was not kind to us snakes.  Last year got better as it was year of the dragon and this year I am keeping my expectations high.  Funny enough, when I read through what this year was going to be like it warned that snakes can get complacent being our year and all.  This could lead to not achieving goals.  Why is this “funny enough”?  Because my theme for the year is DISCIPLINE!

Oh astrology, I have some love for you!

It has been a real ringer of work week.  I am beat.  And it’s Sunday.  I’ve been on call so it’s been an extra “oomph” of stress.  I have two other posts almost finished but the couple of times I went to post them this past week I didn’t have the brain power to make it happen.  While I’m whining… the weekend just isn’t long enough!


On Thursday I brought home a TREADMILL!  I know, I swore I was going to wait to buy one but then I completely caved.  I found a sweet deal and couldn’t resist any longer!  This sucker is a BEAST!  I didn’t realize it when I bought (shocker, me not look at the details?!) and it took the efforts of 3 of my friends to get it to my spare room.

At one point, one of my friends said, “We are going to have to pivot this”.  Of course, I busted up laughing and started yelling “PIVOT!  PIIIIIIIVOT!”

Unfortunately, none of three dudes had ever seen this episode (seriously?  this is a great episode!).  I was forced to keep yelling “pivot” as I watched them sweat and grunt and move this sucker into place.  I’m pretty certain this was what made it a successful delivery.  Yesterday I put it together and only needed help with the last couple of pieces.  I was kind of proud of myself.  Typically I shy away from directions when they look like this


Today is the inaugural voyage run!  Haha, I certainly won’t have any more excuses available to me.  Maybe this is what I should have done all along – remove any possible excuse!  Okay, who are we kidding, of course I would be able to think of something but I am looking forward to proving something to myself.

Tangent: I was perusing pinterest this morning and came across a pin about organizing for ADHD adults.  I have never been diagnosed with ADHD, however, I do believe I have some degree of it.  Every problem they listed with a corresponding solution is something I struggle with as far as organization.  I was kind of shocked!  Again, it makes sense and I see it but the validation was nice.  I’m usually hard on myself for my lack of organizational abilities when it seems so easy for many of my friends.  It was reassuring to read that a) others must struggle with this b) that I am not just lazy and c) that there are quality solutions/ideas.  Here is the article.  Even if you are already organized there are some good ideas!

happy sunday eve!

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