a style change up

As I may have mentioned, last week was stressful.  Maybe I said something?  Once or twice!  Anyway, in my typical body’s fashion, yesterday I reached peak frenzy-stress and then started the deep decline.  The first pain of the migraine actually came on Sunday night above my right eye.  I managed to hold it off until about 3 pm yesterday and then it was a quick countdown to full-blown headache city.


Luckily, I got to my apt, ate some nuts (I was really hungry at this point), took out my contacts and tried a few deep breathing exercises.  At 5 pm on the nose, I dosed myself up with some prescription headache meds.  It wasn’t quite soon enough to avoid the headache completely but I did manage not to curl up the fetal position crying.  I would call that a win.

I want to partake in what these women call a "win"!
I want to partake in what these women call a “win”!

Onto other (possibly) interesting topics… my running has been crap lately.  You would think with the handy addition of my treadmill, my running would have improved.  This WOULD/SHOULD be true but alas I’m getting an “error” message every time I go to turn it on after my initial run.  I know… not quite pleased with this whole turn of events!

I should have left it in pieces
I should have left it in pieces

Oh yeah, I said interesting… my ‘mill faces my closet in my spare room.  While I was running (that ONE time!) I was looking through my clothes.  I think I am going through a style renovation.  This is not a first for me, however, this is the first time where I feel the style reno is more fitting to my personality and not dressing according to what I think my work place wants or what males will find attractive.  Does this make sense?  I have three style inspirations:

1.  My sister – she has always had style.  Even when we were youngsters and mind you, this was the 80’s so this is sayin’ something!  Heid can put together a look or an outfit like no other and she always looks great.  She is also the queen of layering, a style that I appreciate and have noticed adds depth to one’s clothing options.  That’s a big “W” in my book!

one of my fave pics of me and my sis taken a couple of years ago
one of my fave pics of me and my sis taken a couple of years ago

2.  Kelle Hampton from the blog, Enjoying the Small things.  If you haven’t ever read her blog, you are missing out.  Her writing and photography are beautiful and her attitude on life is like a cool drink of water.  Cheesy maybe but completely true!  She has a very bohemian style where everything goes together while not being all matchy-matchy.  Seriously, I would let her dress me on a daily basis.

3.  New  Girl – Zooey’s character has that same sort of free spirit as Kelle Hampton and it’s reflected in her wardrobe, however, there is also a vintage flair.  Mucho love for this look.

So, with all of these forces combined and my own creativity, my overall look is changing a bit.  For instance, today I am wearing a jewel-tone stripped shirt over a white tank top.  Then a faded-wash jean skirt over black cable-knit leggings and tall brown boots.

blogger fail – no pic

I have never been a big supporter of the whole “no black and brown together ever!” and all of these pieces were already in my wardrobe.  Essentially, I am shopping within my own closet and learning to put together different options.  It’s been pretty fun!  I highly suggest trying it!  I know I get so used to wearing this sweater with these pants that breaking this up adds visual interest as well as makes that outfit feel “new”.  This goes very well with my budget goal as well as adding some enjoyment in my clothing.  I’m also appreciating expressing myself more authentically through my style.

Do you ever change up your style?

3 thoughts on “a style change up

  1. I can’t go shopping in my own closet right now (damn you insanity, work better!) but even if I did – I’d still come out wearing the same stuff. Have I mentioned I own 12 cardigans?!?!?

    • I could totally use a style change up right now. I have to dress up for work so as soon as I get home I get into my comfy workout clothes. Sporty attire even carries over into the weekend. I think my husband is getting tired of me “not dressing up” on the weekends. The other day I had on jeans, Brooks shoes, and a nike fleece/fitting/cute top (hard to describe) and he told me to change! WTH?

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