waking up and smelling the coffee

Today I kicked my style project up a notch.  I am wearing bright royal blue skinny jeans, a white tee with a coral blouse over it and then a sparkle gray sweater.  I’ve added a knit hat and ankle booties to this get up… AND I took a pic!

just a bit of color for this wednesday!
just a bit of color for this wednesday!

I did get a couple of, “hmmm, not sure” type of reactions but I love it.  This style renewal is EXACTLY what I need at the moment.  Interestingly enough, I didn’t start losing weight back in the day until I had accepted and started to love my body as is.  I had a style reno at the start of that process as well.  I’ve often marveled at this aspect of my story – I had finally decided the curves weren’t so bad and then I lost 80 lbs.

life is too short to worry about matching socks
life is too short to worry about matching socks

I have thought a lot about this cause and effect and believe it comes down to me caring about my body, loving it and learning to treat it right.  When I hated how I looked, it didn’t matter if I was cruel to it – I didn’t care.  Once I started eating better and recognizing how strong it was I started fueling it through nutrition and exercise.  And kind thoughts.

Last night I was sharing this with a good friend – this whole wake up and smell the coffee moment I’d had so many years ago.  Then I had another wake up call as I realized I’ve fallen into some similar patterns of not appreciating or showing my body love as of late.  So, with the start of Lent today here are my two Lenten promises:

1.  I’m giving up my snooze button – whew!  This morning was interesting.  My ultimate goal for this is to learn to appreciate mornings, wake up with ONE alarm and no more hitting snooze for a half hour.  I wasn’t running late this morning and felt much calmer.

2.  Appreciate my body – for me this means sticking to my work out goals and plans and dialing down the judgy-ness.  I’ve been way to harsh on myself as of late.  I would NEVER allow anyone to talk to one of my friends the way I talk to myself and it’s time I remember to be amazed at what my body is able to do on a daily basis.

oops – I lied – the 3 Lenten promises!

3.  To be more observant – lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been walking around with my gaze lowered.  In fact, I’ve lived in the area for almost 10 years and yesterday was the first day I had noticed a building in the neighborhood (and how it resembled male genitalia but that’s another story!).  For shame, Amy!  I walked to work this morning with my eyes forward and took in as much beauty as I could.  I was certainly welcomed with an incredible sunny day!

look at that!  I can see grass!
look at that! I can see grass!

I don’t believe that Lent has to always be a time for sacrifice rather it’s a time to become a better person.  To be mindful and awake.  I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences!

8 thoughts on “waking up and smelling the coffee

  1. Like! Like! Like! You’ve inspired me to try some of these Lenton promises to myself! ! I’m not sure if “lenton”is a proper term..I just liked the way it sounds :p luv you sis!

  2. WHAT BUILDING??? LOL. Clealy, I’m a 14 year old boy.

    Anyway- LOVE the outfit. Super cute.

    I think giving up the snooze is gonna do WONDERS. You can even SLEEP IN b/c you’re not snoozing for 30 more minutes! It’s great!! I promise! Stick with it.

    In other news– I miss you. I need more Amy in my life. When can I stalk… I mean, see you again???

  3. My favorite post ever!!! My giving up Facebook for Lent sure is a sacrifice but it’s about what I’m going to GAIN from it that’s more important. Perspective on life, reflecting on what’s important and spending quality time with the people I love instead of meaningless “likes” on a page. (Insert Catholic guilt about turning it into a gain for myself (selfish) instead of a sacrifice…lol!)

    The snooze button is evil – it actually isn’t healthy for you (I’ve read legit studies). So good for you on giving it up! Having a peaceful morning will definitely get your day started on the right foot. And I love the outfit too – I’m a big fan of bright colors – so rock your new look girl! Love ya!

    • I am so happy that I get to wake up on my own each morning, no alarm clock for me unless it’s waking up for a scheduled run on a weekend morning!

      Loving yourself is the hardest thing to do!

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