happy v-d

In high school, I had a group of friends who started saying, “happy v-d” and I remember thinking it was hysterical.  Clearly, my humor hasn’t changed much since then!


Happy Valentine’s!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day.  Mine hasn’t been too shabby – ate a delish heart-shaped sugar cookie and wore my heart knee-highs.  Yup, celebrating in style, that’s me!

pinterest pic... not sure it's origin
pinterest pic… not sure it’s origin

I thought on this day of love, I could update you on my match.com shenanigans.  Online dating is really quite odd.  When I look at the website, it’s simply this buffet of men.  It’s kind of surreal, actually!  The attention is nice, and I’m talking to a couple of guys at the moment so I guess we’ll see.  The first week I was checking all the time and now other life happenings have taken precedence.

Now, I will say, my demographic appears to be with the older generation… this should have been a clue to how this was going to go:

yep, I was a huge hit
yep, I was a huge hit

Then I also got an e-mail from one guy on match and all it said was:

“Hey, I know where that picture was taken”

Yes… that’s it.  It was in reference to one of my profile pics.  Ummm… I did feel badly for him because clearly he didn’t know this kind of message is from the wrong side of the creepy tracks.  But no, I didn’t respond.  Oh the dating scene – some day I will be extremely glad when that is in my rear view window.


Beyond my misadventures with match, I did participate in a Valentine exchange through the blog, Because I Can.  If you have never checked out her blog, you should!  Lisa cracks me up and she is a speedy gal.  Not to mention, super sweet and has a paleo recipe for almond fudge – I know… it sounds mouth-watering!  Anyway, Lisa picked names and the awesome Maggie from See Maggie got me!  On Monday, I opened this up


Isn’t it adorable?!  Maggie read my blog and knows of my pink Brooks and that I had run a marathon.  I love it!  Such a perfect Valentine present!

Other than that, I’ve been singing the theme song to “Love Boat” all day (nope, no idea why) and spreading some valentine cheer.  My outfit was another throw back today.  Aside from my leggings, everything I had on was more than a year old.  In fact, my sweater is from 2002 and my dress is probably 5 years old.  Here is what I put together

yes... the back drop is my spare room... it still needs a bit of work!
yes… the back drop is my spare room… it still needs a bit of work!

Very comfy and warm considering I had a long sleeve t-shirt on under the dress.  Oh and no snooze button this morning!  Wahoo – 2 days in a row!

Happy Love Day friends!

4 thoughts on “happy v-d

  1. Loved the festive socks, you are so cute!
    The coupon was hilarious, I might need to print off several copies for my hubby. Lol.
    Loved your surprise gift too. It was super sweet!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • whats crazy is i was browsing on match a month ago (still have my old username and password) and my ultimate crush from work is on there… now how to make a ‘real life’ move haha. Hope you find success on there. Absolutely LOVE your charm, how thoughtful of Maggie :)

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