15 thing friday – a day late

15 Thing Friday is not my creation… in fact it’s the brain child of Running off the Reese’s and sustained in another favorite blog, Managing Meagan.  Meagan just happens to be a dear friend of mine.  Reese’s and I have exchanged e-mails so I consider her a friend too… even though she has no idea.

Without further ado…

1.  Enjoying the Small Things – I am OBSESSED with this blog!  I have already written about Kelle once this week and I am sure I will write about her again.  I am reading through her archives.  I love her writing, pics and outlook on life.  Oh and her style – man, I wish she would dress me everyday!  Head on over!

2.  Found at Target – the cutest little bird shower curtain rings!  I fell in love with them on Tuesday and purchased on Friday at 50% off!  Yay!


3.  Style reno – I’m doin’ it.

4.  I have a 1/2 marathon tomorrow.  I am beyond not ready for it but I am going to do it anyway.  Should be interesting.  Not to mention, a mini blizzard has hit today.  Fun?

I have conflicted feelings about this
I have conflicted feelings about this

5.  This weekend I am baking bread and cookies.  Two friends who helped move my treadmill into my apt requested the bread and the cookies will be a bonus.  I’ve yet to decide what recipe to use but I’ll post it when it’s all said and done.

6.  A couple of months ago I mentioned I was going to give BB creme a shot.  BB creme is a combination foundation and moisturizer with SPF.  It’s lighter in feel than a typical foundation and not as greasy as some moisturizer.  I love it.  I’ve been using L’Oreal’s Youth Code and I think it was $11.00.  I doubt I will use it in the summer but right now it has been a total skin saver.  My face isn’t dry but isn’t greasy either.  And my skin actually looks healthy, which is a winter time first!

7.  I watched Lars and the Real Girl.  Watch it.  It’s great.  I had no idea what to expect and it was perfect that way.  It’s on Netflix instant!

8.  I cannot get the lid off of this smelly good!  Ugh!  I’ve been trying for months!


9.  Procompression is having a 40% off and free shipping sale on their marathon socks!  One deal FEB40 is on any marathon sock and another deal SOM213 is for neon green sock with pink.  Run don’t walk to their website!

10.  Aspaeris is also having a wicked good sale!  $28 smackers later and you could be running and recovering in complete style and comfort.  The deal is through Active GearUp <—- use this link for the deal.

11.  I found this website from Kelle.  It’s called Ruche and I want to apologize in advance – there is a lot of cute goodness on this site!  The clothes are really reasonably priced!

12.  This was such a romantic kiss!

I have three zooey-things pinned on pinterest... I think we should be friends
I have three zooey-things pinned on pinterest… I think we should be friends

13.  I am going to make this.  I also have decided I want to make other t-shirts.  Knowing me though, I’ll buy everything to do it and then it will sit there.  Ho-hummmm…


14.  For the Super Bowl party I attended, I made dates wrapped in bacon.  I’ve made them plenty of times but here is the “recipe“.  Okay, instructions – there really isn’t a recipe!  Oh and I’ve totally made these for dinner – paleo!

15.  One last Valentine


3 thoughts on “15 thing friday – a day late

  1. 15 things, wow i might struggle a bit. If you’re looking for cheap digs you can also look into groopdealz—- they have all those different offers you can claim on facebook. I don’t purchase clothes unless i try them on first, but they have incredibly fun accessories which can spruce up any outfit!!!

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