15 thing friday – on time! (almost)

***Sorry for my lack of posts!  I’ve had a migraine since Tuesday – eek!  Today, I think I might be feeling better.  I think my poor brain is trying to recover…

Thanks for all of the warm wishes concerning my non-split from running!  We are quite happy to still be together as well.  I will say, I think running is being a bit passive-aggressive and talked to our (sometimes friend) Marathon.  My registration for the Chicago Marathon has been a bit rocky – I’ll keep you posted.

I smartened (not a word?) up this week and kept track of things I wanted to include in this post.  Magically, it was much easier to write!  Yay!

1.  Sick days.  Definitely not pleasant and my head has been sky-rocketing off my shoulders for days.  I’m completely done feeling this ick – whatever it is.

2.  I spent some time on this website the other day and you really need to read this post  I promise, it’s FUNNY

3.  And watch this

4.  Kzoo (and others) got another snow storm this week!  Last winter was mild and in my memory (which is probably skewed) this has been one of the winterery-est winters we have had in a while.

5.  I went on a baking bender this past Sunday and made three different kinds of cookies.  I tried two new kinds and this cake batter cookie turned out REALLY good!  I think adding vanilla chips next time around would make them out of this world!  The only recipe change I made was to use vanilla cake mix not yellow

these lil' bundles of joy were delish
these lil’ bundles of joy were delish

6.  This is silly and I know it but still makes me laugh

oh internets, I love you
oh internets, I love you

7.  I found this mini detox diet on pinterest.  When I followed the link out of curiosity, a blogger tried it out and posted her thoughts.  She tries things she sees on pinterest and gives them a whirl.  I leave for a Vegas work trip in a week and a half so I’m going to try it before I go.  Let’s face it, Vegas is the land of temptation – in all forms!  The group I am going with already have buffets picked out!  It’s going to be a blast but if I want my pants to fit (at all!) then I need get things under control BEFORE I head out there.  Plus this mini detox allows you to eat, which I find extremely helpful!


8.  Simon always sticks by me when I am a sicky.  Total cuddle bug

9.  The style reno is still going strong.  It’s helping me be creative with my clothes, budget, but most of all, look in the mirror and say, “hey, not bad!”

10.  Red Vines.  Love them.  They might be triggering my headaches though.  I am sadder about this than I probably should be and now will need to test this theory by abstaining from said goodness.  Sad face.

11.  I thought these were really funny and they are courtesy of MyRaceRagz.com

from facebook but checkout their site!
from facebook but checkout their site!

12.  This scares me for the future of our country (heck, the present state of our education!) but also made me laugh… #10 had me rolling


13.  Maybe six or eight months ago I talked about how I needed to stop saying that I hated my life when I had a bad day.  I am happy to report, I had forgotten I used to even say it – that’s how good I’ve been!  It wasn’t until I saw this that I remembered and then was excited!  Yay!


14.  I made a homemade frosty earlier this week when I couldn’t contain my craving any longer.  I had pinned the recipe ages ago and it wasn’t bad.  It definitely took care of the craving with fewer calories.  Nice!

15.  I think the near split from running was a good thing.  I want to run again.  I know it’s going to be tough and I’m going to need to up my mental game.  I feel more ready to tackle this and not as much that I have to.  It feels like a better place than before.

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