obsess much?

***Yippee!  I finally feel like I am recovering from my never-ending headache.  Here is a post I started at some point last week (the days have all run together).  It all still applies!

There are times when I become a bit obsessed with things.  I am not sure where this comes from but once I like something I tend to go a bit overboard.  Here is a list of some of my infatuations:

1.  Twilight – I made fun of this book mercilessly when some of my students were reading it.  Now, I watch the movies… a lot.  Two weekends ago, I watched the first one 4 times.  I was on call for work so that was part of it but still, I completely admit this is weird.

2.  Sweet Potato casserole – I had this for the first time a few years ago at Thanksgiving.  Now I make it at least twice a month.  In fact, there is one in the oven right now.

3.  T-rex – yep, completely obsessed!

thanks brother in law!
thanks brother-in-law!

4.  Coffee – this has increased over the last few months so that I buy decaf in order to drink this goodness in the evening.  I am actually trying to eliminate my evening coffee but it’s on my mind… a lot.


5.  Pinterest – oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how much I love pinterest!  Sometimes when I am stressed out, I “pin” a few things and then feel much better.  Normal, right?

cracks me up
cracks me up

6.  Artificial Blueberry flavoring – yep, you read that correctly.  My top three favorites are Blueberry Frosted Mini wheats, Blueberry Nutrigrain bars and Special K Blueberry crisps.  The trifecta of goodness.  There has been a box of Blueberry Frosted Mini wheats in my apt continuously for the last 4 years.  I am absolutely not joking.

it was love at first bite
it was love at first bite

7.  Cuties – I’ve talked about my love for Cuties before and after I wrote about them I felt like there was a run on them at the store.  So, let’s keep it our secret, okay?

8.  Eggs – this one has been going on for years now.  Even when everyone told me eggs were cholesterol bombs, which of course isn’t the truth, I still ate them.  Everyday for breakfast.  I still consider this one of my weight loss “secrets”.

9.  Diet 7-Up – this one is new-ish.  I am not sure why I love it so much but I think it helps to settle my stomach with its bubbles and sort of flat taste.  I’m not doing it justice because I think it tastes really good!

10.  Blogs :)  Seriously, I love reading blogs!  I love reading archives and catching up on people’s lives who inspire me, make me laugh and encourage me.  You know when you find a new series on Netflix and you don’t move until you have watched every season possible?  I get like that with blogs.  Two others that I find both funny and hardcore are “It’s A Dog Lick Baby World” and “Chocolate is My Life“.  I think the three of us could/would be friends.  That doesn’t sound stalk-ery, right?!

11.  Simon – but that’s a total given, right?


Happy Sunday folks!

3 thoughts on “obsess much?

  1. I go through phases where I am super obsessive over certain things. I have stopped spending time on pinterest lately, just because I would rather read blogs or a book. I started to have social media overload a couple of months ago. Some things have to go….at least for a while. :-)

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