15 thing friday – I know! actually ON friday!

There seems to be quite a bit to talk about this week so let’s just dive right in…

1.  I am immobile.  My brakes are making this horrible grinding sound so I haven’t driven since the Friday before I left.  This is quite the pain in the bum.

2.  Have you ever had dates wrapped in bacon?  I’m sure I’ve talked about them before but seriously, TRY THEM!  So tasty!  I eat them for dinner sometimes and did so last night.  Here is a handy little directional and when you can’t stop eating them, I apologize.

I'm sure I've talked about these before but they are that good!
so good!

3.  I can’t remember my pinterest password.  I rarely have to login using it so now it has left me.  Unfortunately, the system won’t send me an e-mail to reset it.  I am going MAD!  I just want to pin!

4.  Being without wheels means I’ve been walking all over for work.  At first I was all grumpy about it but it hasn’t been that bad – even during the snow!  I’ve even managed to leave early enough to get there on time, which I barely do even when my car is working.

5.  Because of the cost to fix my car, I’ve had to rethink my race calendar.  I’m trying reshape it a bit to more local races.  Speaking of which, no Chicago Marathon 2013 for me.  I am disappointed but I know I want to return to Disney World for the Goofy Challenge so maybe this is for the best.

6.  I started my new epilepsy meds on Monday!  I plan on doing a full post on this but all I can say is… I am a walking zombie!  There is really no good way to explain it but I feel sufficiently out of it.  I have forwarned my co-workers/supervisors and honestly, it’s probably better that I don’t drive for a bit considering my reaction time is that of a sloth.  And it’s only going to get worse in the next couple of weeks.

7.  Totally got suckered in!  But ooooohhhh, so tasty!

why are you so good?!
why are you so good?!

8.  As I mentioned Wednesday, Creme Brulee frozen yogurt was one of the best flavors ever.  And now I’m craving it.  I have my doubts I can travel to Vegas regularly to fetch myself one so I need to find a noble substitute.

9.  I’ve watched this more times than I should admit


10.  Sweet potato tots – I want them… very soon!  I found a recipe to make them but I’m a bit lazy at times so I am going to look for the frozen kind and give ’em a whirl.

11.  Tonight I get to find out of my dear friend’s baby is a boy or girl!!!!!!!!!  Wahooo!  I am so excited!

12.  I’m reading “Wild” right now.  One of my besties gave it to me for my birthday and it is really good.  I hope to finish it this weekend and then I will do a full post on it.  It’s on par with “Eat, Pray, Love” as far as helping me do some soul-searching.

13.  Yesterday, I woke up in the middle of the night to Simon throwing up on my bed.  I took care of it and went back to sleep.  Fast forward to 8 am and I was going to feed him breakfast… apparently, he had already thrown up once before and I had the luxury of stepping in it.  Boo!

good thing he is so cute!
good thing he is so cute!

14.  I forgot a spoon the other day for my minestrone BUT I did manage to eat it with a fork!  I know, will wonders never cease?  (C’mon – 15 things is A LOT!!)

sometimes you just have to be proud of the lame things in life
sometimes you just have to be proud of the lame things in life

15.  My good friend sent me this yesterday… it’s so true


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