ides of march – amy style

I must admit, I was not familiar with the concept of the “ides of march”.  I had heard of it of course, since George Clooney starred in a movie by the same name but I wasn’t aware of the history.

From my brief (and heavily medicated) read on it, Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15 and it’s considered bad luck.  Or something along these lines… again, lots of meds were taken during this time of “research”.  Why would I be popping some pills and looking into this concept?

I’m a sicky.  On Friday, March 15th (ides of march), I started to feel pretty crappy late in the night.  My stomach felt twice it’s size and it reminded me of my gall bladder attacks I used to get a few years ago.  However, said gall bladder was removed so I knew that wasn’t it.  Then about 1:30 am, I started throwing up.  I won’t detail the events of the next 4 hours but it’s 4 hours, I seriously wish I could forget.  At the time, I kept wondering if I was going to live through it.

I know, it sounds dramatic but I’m fairly certain there was a gremlin in my stomach cutting it to shreds so the whole possibility of not living seemed very real!

trust me, having this in your stomach feels very bad
trust me, having this in your stomach feels very bad

Saturday I still felt horrible and managed to find some compazine in my medicine cabinet from a previous surgery.  After checking with my dad and pharmacist friend, I took one (and another 8 hours later) and it definitely helped.  Sunday has brought me a flippy-floppy stomach (more compazine) and a headache the size of Montana.

So there you go – don’t joke around about the ides of march (or just be unaware) because it will find you and make you pay!  I had lots of fun plans for the weekend and all I have done is moan in pain, drink ginger ale and cuddle with my cat.  He thinks it’s great – little brat!

this is simon doing his best judd nelson, breakfast club impersonation
this is simon doing his best judd nelson, breakfast club impersonation

Oh, one more warning… there is a line from a movie where the main character says, “I’m only one stomach flu away from my goal weight!”  I’ve always found this funny and have said it a few times in jest.  I lost five pounds in less than 24 hours.  I no longer find humor in this little ditty and will also no longer say it – EVER AGAIN!  I’ve learned my lesson!!!

So heed my warnings friends hence you pay the price with a nasty stomach virus that makes you call your dad at 6 am just so you can tell him you are sickly!!

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