15 thing Friday – let’s get down to business

Are you singing the theme song from Mulan?  No?  How ’bout now…….

15 thing Friday isn’t my brainchild… instead we have RunningOfftheReeses for this lovely bloggy concept!

1.  Happy Spring!  I know, I know… it’s snowing outside and REALLY cold but at the end of the last two days it was sunny!  I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is completely trying to buy our love for all of the snowy shenanigans


2.  The Gonzaga Men’s Basketball team tried to kill me yesterday… yeah, that score was too close

Thursday, March 21, 2013 – 4:45 pm ET
Final 1 2 T
Southern #16 31 27 58
Gonzaga #1 « 34 30 64

3.  I tried to explain to people that I still wasn’t feeling that great and one person said, “but you are drinking coffee.”  Ummm… that’s because coffee is a necessity.  Fact.

4.  Seriously – I was a little overwhelmed by all of the Triscuits choices:

-1Completely daunting…

5.  Buzzfeed’s are the best!  This one deals with the best college food out there and Gonzaga is on the list!  They feature the COG chocolate chip cookie.  Yep, it’s true – my hips and bum remember it well.  What is a COG cookie?  First of all, COG stands for, “Center of Gonzaga” – at least this is the rumor (it’s not true!) and this is our cafeteria.  The cookies ROCK!

6.  Pretty much, this has been my diet for days now.  Oh add in a sugar-cinnamon bagels.

basically the only things that sound good...
basically the only things that sound good…

7.  I can’t wait to make this Amish cinnamon bread in the next couple of days.  Yes, I am very much obsessed with sugar-cinnamon at the moment.

8.  Last Friday, my dear friend had a gender-reveal party since she is preggers.  I’ve been saying for months now it’s a boy.  Guess what?  I was RIGHT!  This isn’t the first time I’ve been right.  I was right about my friend’s baby girl, too.  I’m like a baby-guesser-whisperer!  I think I should make a business out of this


9.  The universe wants me to have a big soft pretzel.  I feel like everywhere I go, someone is eating this delish treat.

10.  You know how there are times when you are thinking, “Man, all I want is food made in a MUG!”  Yep, I heard your cry and apparently so did other people because here are a ton of recipes!  Actually, most of them look tasty!

11.  My new meds are causing some weird side effects.  I talked to my big sis about it and she sent me this text.  She’s the best!


12.  Did you know cow’s have best friends with other cows?  I LOVE this fact!

13.  Have you seen this lunch meat commercial?  I thought it was some kind of movie trailer at first!  Then I just started laughing!

14.  I saw this really cool daybed on pinterest and I would really like it for my couch.  It adds some storage, a place for a guest to sleep and is just cute!  Here are two models:91b0d1189d89692c32bad10934de2a6e5e0e8207830dd96a0d9912174ea8072e

15.  The GOOFY CHALLENGE!  Okay, so I’ve been hearing some rumors that Walt Disney World is adding some craziness to their marathon weekend.  Here’s the deal – they already have a 5k, which will be on Thursday, now possibly adding a 10k on Friday and then the half on Saturday and the full on Sunday.  It would be called Dopey something (I can’t remember).  The Goofy Challenge has been around for a bit and it’s doing the 1/2 on Saturday and the full on Sunday.  I’m definitely signing up for this one.  But what about the Dopey?  The clincher?  It’s $495 smackers.  I know.  But the Goofy Challenge is $305 so that’s not cheap either.  And I am not doing the Chicago marathon… ugh – look at me!  I can talk myself into anything… what should I do?


*Really, I want your opinion!  Spill your thoughts!!

4 thoughts on “15 thing Friday – let’s get down to business

  1. You could totally make that daybed out of shelves laid down! You’d just need to reinforce it somehow – like anchor it to the wall or add some supports. Foam cushion and VOILA! I want to do something similar for my library (someday, somehow). (Also, please do not misinterpret my “reinforcement” suggestion – shelves aren’t meant to carry any weight on their sides (even as little as you!). And if you weren’t thinking that – well now you are, and sorry.

  2. Ok. I just saw that commercial for the lunchmeat. I laughed so hard!! Reminds me of my parents and in laws. As you get older – no filters!! Lovin the daybed!!

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