you just never know…

Yesterday I woke up and I was CRAB-by!  Great scott!  I’m on duty for work and had a couple of late night calls, had somehow gotten roped into volunteering for work and I had a dull ache in my head that made me want to cancel ALL plans for the day.

Spoiler alert!  I’m really glad I didn’t…


First up was the 1st Annual (is this possible with the first?) Strip Run 5k sponsored by my office.  The point of the race was to wear extra layers and then “strip” them off as you run at different points of the race.  All the clothes were donated to charity.  While the turnout was small, I think it’s a fun idea for a work-related event.  Unfortunately, it was 34* and the “feel like” was 24*.  It took me hours to get the feeling back in my fingers!

Also, one of my favorite people ever volunteered for the race.  It was so great to see him and catch up!  After our shift was over I bribed him into driving me to Pop City Popcorn downtown.  This place is FABULOUS!  I mean, seriously, a whole store dedicated to popcorn?  I got some Irish Creme Caramel popcorn – check out this bag of scrumptousness

oh so tasty!
oh so tasty!

Next I was on my way to a relaxation class.  I considered skipping and going home but I was on a sugar-rush from my popcorn and stuck to the plan.  You guessed it – a good choice!  The meditation session was excellent.  The woman running the class got the same holistic health certificate I am looking into so I talked to her after the class.  She couldn’t have been more encouraging!  In fact, at the end of our conversation she offered me an internship when I get to that portion of the of the program!  I know, crazy!

Then it was back to my apt for the hottest shower ever, a lovely little nap, a surprise visit from a friend and a nice evening at home.

So there you go… I would have sat in my apt all day, feeling guilty for shirking my responsibilities, sorry for myself because I didn’t feel well and lonely.  Instead I said YES and made some quality connections.  Yay!  Three cheers for an unexpected good day and making things happen.


3 thoughts on “you just never know…

  1. Glad you turned your day around!! Sounds like my day last Sunday, was frozen after volunteering and being outside for the race, just wanted to skip my workout and plans but I didn’t.

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