15 thing friday – some TMI included…

1.  Eeek – it’s been too long since I last posted.  I do have a reason – this week was the 2nd time we upped my meds and it hasn’t been the greatest.  LOTS of headaches and just an all-around slump.  Trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted to read any of it.

2.  I also seem to have the immune system of a 5 yr old since I now have a cold/cough.

3.  On Wednesday, I decided I was in my awesome bubble and no negativity could penetrate.  I did fairly well and shall institute this at least once a week.

yes, I did look this tired
yes, I did look this tired

4.  How did I miss the whole concept of taking a bath?!  They are so relaxing!  When I was I youngster, I used to majorly heart Mr Bubble… until he gave me a rash on my bum.  I went out to buy some bubble bath and all they had was Mr Bubble.  Somehow a potential rash on my bum on my age has a whole new (unfortunate) meaning than it did when I was younger.  No Mr Bubble for me

dude - not cool with the rash
dude – not cool with the rash

5.  Ever since my stomach ailment, I have this massive craving for Sprite.  I’m trying to cut this off considering it has about 10 million calories and I know I should be drinking water instead.  Maybe they have a Sprite-Anon that I can join…

6.  I’m making these blueberry muffins this weekend.  They look incredible!

7.  Today is my dear sister’s birthday!!  Yay!  I feel so lucky to have her!  Seriously, there are a few of us who fight for her attention.  Not to mention the woman isn’t aging!  I’m not sure how she is doing it but I am sure my BIL would say it’s because they eat paleo.

my sis and her adorable kiddies
my sis and her adorable kiddies

8.  Despite my lackluster health, I’ve been very productive at work this week.  And I’ve gotten things done ahead of time.  Who am I?!  I don’t now but it did feel pretty nifty.  New trend?  We’ll see – don’t want to set my expectations too high!

9.  This cupcake certainly won’t help my below issue of being a smaller size BUT they are too delicious NOT to make!

pic taken from kevin & amanda's site via pinterest
pic taken from kevin & amanda‘s site via pinterest

10.  I’m wearing a pedometer for a 10,000 Steps program through work.  By 3 pm today I had already taken 6,000 steps.  Being immobile does have its perks.

11.  I had a slight buying issue last night.  After watching a number of seasons of “What Not to Wear” in my past, I really think Stacy London has a good point of, “dressing for the body you have now, not what you think you will have later”.  While I may not be the size I want to be, I’m in LOVE with all of the fabulous colors right now.  Plus, I need a couple of less wintery pants so I bought some dresses from Old Navy and some pants from Target.  I scored some ridiculous deals.

I wasn't going to add a pic but I felt this one was really encouraging my buying!
Stacy approves!

12.  I did laundry on Wednesday.  Let me say, I haven’t done laundry since before I went to Vegas.  Yep, about a month.  My options were getting slim… you know when you need to do laundry when the only skivvies you have clean are the ones you try to avoid since they often create wardrobe malfunctions… you know what I am talking about.

13.  Very true…

john hughes where is my great ending?!
john hughes where is my great ending?!

13.5.  So is this…


14.  I may or may not have told a friend that this weekend I was going to dye Easter eggs, hide them and then get really drunk so the next day I have my very own Easter egg hunt!  I kinda thought this idea was brilliant  (If you are offended by this – JUST KIDDING!  Otherwise, yes, I am an evil genius).  Btw – I told my dad this and he said two things:

“Amy, you should really hide them after you are drunk – then you really won’t remember where they are”

“Oh but this would mean you would be hungover on Easter – your mom would be MAD at you!  She would make sure that was a REALLY bad hangover!”

15.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be around 50*!!  Wahooo!  I definitely see a run in my future.  I’m sure my body is going to rebel at this whole concept of exercise but I can’t blame sickness and meds for my laziness forever.

2 thoughts on “15 thing friday – some TMI included…

  1. Drunk egg hunt! Yeah!! Only they should be plastic eggs full of ibuprofen, French fries, and fountain coke. Or shots of tequila.

    PS, you can’t be hungover if you’re still drunk!

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