15 thing friday… doing some lucky star thankin’ it’s the weekend

15 thing Friday… these are my favorite posts to write.  I know I have been seriously slacking in the posting department.  It’s been a struggle.  If you want to know more about my why, check out this “dark and ominous” post and you will get a bit of an insight.  Also, 20 blog points (this doesn’t really mean anything but is fun to say) if you can guess which movie that’s from before #15 hits your eyes!

1.  I have been running this week.  Wednesday was one of the best runs I’ve had in over 3 weeks.  Seriously, I want to weep for joy.  And get this, as I was huffing through my 4 miles, I was sure I was hitting some slow paces.  When I finished, 10:37 was my average pace.  WTH?  I have no idea where this came from.  Smiley face commenced!

2.  I saw this yesterday on pinterest and started giggling…

3.  The style reno continues!  I like this look below and have similar pieces already in my wardrobe.  Easy-peasy and classy.  Love


4.  My nephew turned 17 this week.  Whhhaaaa??  How can this be?  I still don’t understand how my little dude got so big.  I love the kid – he cracks me up and loves being a foot taller than me.  One of his classic moves:  in FL I asked him to text my sister about something.  He told me his phone wouldn’t text.  The next day I saw him texting and asked what he was doing and I totally busted him for being a lazy goofball.  I am close with both of the kiddies, although they are now borderline adults.  Crazy world friends.

5.  Want to run a race for $11 AND get an awesome medal?  Check out this site!  It’s a virtual race and takes place in July.  You can pick to do a 5k, 10k or a 1/2.  Do it!  It will be fun!

neato medal!
neato medal!

6.  Speaking of savings, PRO Compression is having a hot deal for this month!  Their purple and baby blue socks are on mega sale.  Purple is for Team in Training (or epilepsy awareness!!) and baby blue is for Train 4 Autism.  Use this code:  SOMF4!

7.  Last Saturday night I found this… I really don’t know what to say – is there a giant market for this?  It makes me feel better about my chances of getting published some day

it's a book called Glamourpuss - cats in wigs
it’s a book called Glamourpuss – cats in wigs

8.  Here in Kzoo, we have seen the sun for 5 whole days in a row.  People are walking around in shorts, which is completely uncalled for because it’s still in the low 40’s.  Weird folks.

9.  I signed up for a big race.  I’ll tell you more about it next week and what I am thinking about doing with it.  Hint:  I will be needing some of the purple socks above!

10.  This is what a craving looks like in my world.  Thank goodness my friend drove me to McDonald’s this morning!  Craving fulfilled!

I haven't had one since vegas!
I haven’t had one since vegas!

11.  Last weekend I walked to Target – 7 miles round trip.  At the time, I kind of hated it.  However, on the way back I realized it was a nice walk and it was considerably better than sitting on my bum.  It will be happening again this weekend.

12.  My BIL posted this to my facebook on Wednesday.  I love it.

my family and friends are so supportive!
my family and friends are so supportive!

13.  My brother has moved to Paris!  Yes, I will be going to visit him at some point soon.  Even though I have been lucky enough to travel around the world, I have completely missed Europe.  I think it’s time.

14.  I’m still on this massive cinnamon-sugar bagel kick.  One day I think to myself, this is the last one.  Then I get sucked in by its tastiness and I can’t stop myself.

15.  Have you guessed the movie yet?!  It’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” – one of my favorites.  This scene always cracks me up!

Oh and one more for the road:


2 thoughts on “15 thing friday… doing some lucky star thankin’ it’s the weekend

  1. I love the cats!! Can’t get over it! Mine have been fighting something fierce (like no sleep fierce) and I’m hoping they will be best buds again. Maybe the wigs could help??!

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