15 thing friday – the personal edition

15 thing Friday… When I started this post the other day it wasn’t going well.  None of the links I was posting would work and I started getting extremely crabby.  At this point, I decided I was going to write 15 odd things about myself just for a bit of flair.  But first, a bonus:

.5.  This is also making me crabby:

happy spring
happy spring

1.  When I used to get out of the shower, I would run downstairs, flash my parents and say “Waka, Waka!” with a bit of a body wiggle.  I did this until I was 10.  I am sure my parents were hoping this WASN’T any kind of foreshadowing of my future career choice.

2.  I am determined to cut my own bangs.  The thing is, I completely suck at it.  They are never even and in my attempts to make them so, I end up hacking off more than I intended.  I have been doing this since high school so it’s not even like enough practice is helping.

3.  Speaking of hacking off hair, less than a year ago I was trimming my eyebrows with a little electric shaver thing and buzzed off a middle section of my eyebrow.  Needless to say, I let my bangs get very long at this point.

4.  I don’t have one outstanding talent.  Pretty much I am decent at a few things and am very resourceful for areas I am lacking.  What this means is that if I am ever in prison, I will be the brains behind the guy who can get you anything you need.  So don’t shank me – friend me.  In prison.

see how fun prison would be?

5.  My biggest injury to date in running is when I slipped and fell on black ice a few years back.  I dislocated my thumb and was in a hard cast for 8 weeks.


6.  The first time I ever ran a mile it took me 18 mins (and probably some change).  I swear I was running.  I have since cut at least 9 mins off my time during my speedier days.

7.  I LOVE to tell stories.  My mom was the same way and I believe it’s the Irish in us.

8.  A few years back I was wearing tear-away pants for a work event that was outdoorsy and athletic-based.  A co-worker thought I had shorts underneath them and ripped them off.  Of course, I wasn’t wearing shorts under them, although my extremely unattractive “granny panties” probably could have passed as shorts.

yep, it was like this

9.  My dad has always been a huge movie buff and in kindergarten the whole family went to see Octopussy (James Bond) at the drive-in (oh yeah, we had a drive-in and it ROCKED!).  The next day I mentioned this in class and my teacher was slightly concerned.  Not to mention the title was a bit questionable.

10.  One day I was sitting in pre-school and suddenly I couldn’t remember if I had put underwear on or not.  I squirmed in my seat a bit but couldn’t feel anything.  I FREAKED out.  I ran to the bathroom and sure enough, I was wearing undies, just silky ones.  I was so traumatized that from that point forward, I didn’t wear silky underwear again until college.

I was not a normal child

11.  I’m thinking of changing career fields just so I can wear yoga pants and other work out gear on a daily basis.

12.  I didn’t learn how to drive until driver’s ed.  Meaning, I had never driven a car prior to that first day with my instructor and my two driving mates – two guys who had been driving since they were toddlers (or so it seemed to me at the time).  The first day we drove up the mountain in my town and I was charged with turning around once up there and driving back down.  I couldn’t see over the steering wheel very well and proceeded to almost back us over the cliff.  Everyone in the car was screaming, including myself.  When we got back (all in one piece physically although probably not mentally) the two guys got out of the car and kissed the ground.  I never lived that down.

13.  I’m fairly obsessed with office supplies, specifically pens.  I am constantly on the hunt for “the perfect pen” and I am picky with my choices.  Oh and I love Sharpies.  I have to write my name with said pen to determine its worthiness.

14.  During a huge ice storm my first year in college, a tree branch broke and crashed down onto my head.  I blacked out for a moment but no one wanted to come help me because they didn’t want to get hurt either.  I became known as “the girl in the yellow coat who got hit by a tree”.  I was okay after a couple of days.  My winter hat blunted some of the trauma.

15.  I had two job offers when I finished grad school.  One of the bigger reasons Maine lost was because the nearest Wendy’s and Target were 45 mins away.


Have a great weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “15 thing friday – the personal edition

  1. Loved this Meagan!

    2. I could never cut my own bangs. It would be an EPIC disaster.
    4. I have ZERO talents. I did beauty pageants growing up, ONLY if they didn’t have a talent section.
    5. My biggest injury was tearing my ACL in Junior High. I tripped over a hurdle and got taken to the ER in an ambulance. It was mortifying to have them cut my BRAND NEW Nike tights off.
    11. I think the same thing about switching careers everyday. I highly dislike my job, but it pays good so I stay. UGH.
    12. I learned how to drive in the second grade, but I grew up on a dairy farm. :-)
    14. Holy crap!
    15. Target is a staple in my life. I went last night AND tonight. I heard a rumor one is going in 2 miles from my house. Makes my life complete.

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