yogurt is some serious business!

We need to talk about yogurt.  I currently have 4 kinds of yogurt in my fridge.  Excessive?  Absolutely!  Delicious?  Oh my, YES!

Here is my yogurt story…

Remember when I did that really silly “detox”?  I never wrote up my review of it because it was a ridiculous thing to do.  I regret it.  It was really bad for me (people kept asking me if I was okay because I was so out of it) and clearly, my body required more fuel to function.  Anyway, on the yogurt day I ran out to grab some and bought a store brand – Spartan, if anyone lives near a place that sells it.  Wow!  I was really impressed!  Calorie count is about average – 100 calories per cup.

hmmm - just a slight obsession
hmmm – just a slight obsession

That’s not the notable part though.  It is grade A TASTY!  It’s very smooth and has great flavor.  My favorite is the Boston Creme Pie.  Yep, a match made in the heavens for this woman!

Next, I was trolling through Target before the cleanse disaster and came upon a Chobani flavor – vanilla with chocolate chunks.  It’s geared toward kids (or at least the packaging seems like it) but I’m a fan of chocolate and thought I would try it.  YUM!  I typically save it for some kind of dessert and put in a few more chocolate chips to up the ratio.  This is always a good decision.  And considering I get the munchies like mad in the evenings, this is a solid/filling solution for me.

Then last week I found it

I may have to personally lobby to have this on all the shelves in America!
I may have to personally lobby to have this on all the shelves in America!

You can’t hear it but there is a chorus of unicorns and babies singing for this yogurt.  Chobani again (no, they haven’t asked me to review – these opinions are based on the fact that I want you to try this business!) comes through.  This one is coconut yogurt and then a little cup of toasted almonds and dark chocolate chunks to mix in it.  All kidding aside, I am wild about these flavors.  I really appreciate the taste and actually it is decently filling.  I had one about an hour before a run – I had brunch earlier so this was sort of lunch, and I didn’t notice being hungry until mile 4.5.  I am mildly concerned because I found it on sale for a $1 at Target but haven’t found it at any other stores.  I am really hoping they aren’t phasing it out – I would be upset!  If they do, then maybe Chobani can just make a coconut flavored yogurt?

The other kind of yogurt isn’t really worth noting except to say it’s in there chillin’ (I know, a really horrible pun!).  I have a vanilla greek yogurt for baking purposes.  I definitely go through food obsessions, as I am sure you can tell, and yogurt is #1 on the list right now.

Onto running!

I know, you are probably surprised!  So in just a little under two weeks I have a 1/2 marathon.  The week after that I have a 25k.  Yesterday I realized the furthest I have consistently ran in the last  two months is 4.5 (ish) miles.  Remember how I swore I was going to make running my obsession?  Well, turns out when you are spending as much time as possible in giant sweats, it’s hard to develop an obsession that requires movement.  So Sunday I hit the pavement.


I played a mind game by first going to the track and doing two miles and then heading out to my normal 4 mile loop.  This was quite handy and I shall employ further mind games with myself in future training!  6 miles later two thoughts were loud and clear:

1.  Hmmm… I’m tired… and a bit sore

2.  Heck, if I can do 6, I can do 13!!!!

A runner friend and I were talking about how lackluster our training has been.  He is running the same race I am in two weeks and he picked his running back up on Saturday.  We commiserated about how dumb we are but then assured each other that we can totally do it. <—- false confidence is a cornerstone of our running!

The run was some good head-clearing time though.  First of all, it was an absolutely beautiful day outside – quintessential spring!  Second, a bit of a mid-mid life crisis hit me this weekend.  While those feelings haven’t gone away (and really aren’t anything new as of late), after I got out of my apartment, got some fresh air and a few endorphins those feelings felt more manageable.


Lastly, I got a card from dad in the mail yesterday.  I’m not going to go into a lot of sappy detail but it was an amazing boost!  Thanks Dad!!!

8 thoughts on “yogurt is some serious business!

  1. Meijer carries the coconut Chobani. It is a new flavor, so I don’t see it disappearing soon. I wanted to buy it, but the calorie count seemed pretty high. Chobani has these 100 calorie containers called “bites”. One is raspberry the other is coffee. They both have those delicious chocolate chips in them. I too am in love with the choc. chunk Chobani, but I have no self control and will eat the whole container!!

    Good Luck with the 1/2 marathon. I haven’t tried one of those yet!!

    • When you do run a 1/2 I bet you will be hooked! I’ve purchased the mini chocolate ones since I too, would eat the whole big container! The calorie count is fairly high but it kept me full for a long time. So it was worth it for me.

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