15 thing friday – I should give up trying to get these finished on time

I swear – finding 15 things this week was harder than normal.  I have no idea why so let’s just cut to the chase!

1.  My car is FIXED!


Yes, this is exactly how I feel!  I started to feel pretty trapped being immobile and having to depend on others for a ride.  Don’t get me wrong – my friends were very kind but I was feeling very mooch-like.  Now I shall own this city in my wee little bug!

2.  Last week I went to Target to find my favorite Chobani yogurt – the one I am obsessed with.  Unfortunately, some other folks beat me to it and they were all sold out.  My heart hurt a little.  Now that my car is fixed I will search the city until I am triumphant!

3.  Considering my recent blog post and several tweets, it seems that my obsession with yogurt was much easier to cultivate than my obsession with running.

4.  I am going to buy this medal hanger

it's from etsy but currently sold out - boo!
it’s from etsy but currently sold out – boo!

5.  My dear Grandma sent me a box last week!  There was this adorable pillow and clock.  The clock is a pinky-orange and is JUST the thing to spark my color revolution in my apt!


6.  Then I found these new curtains!  Wahoo!


7.  Craigslist… Anyone a fan?  I can’t tell if I am or not.  I found a really cute couch and chaise (two separate pieces) that look almost new.  But then I wondered – will I get murdered?  Bed bugs?  My awesome friend Kara has a couch for me to purchase so if the other falls through I will be going this route.  I am very grateful to have friends that don’t have bed bugs and won’t murder me.  Thankfully, when I went to look at the above couch and chaise I was neither murdered nor did I contract bed bugs.  And I bought the furniture!  I am such an adult!

8.  Still sickly but I think I am on the mend.  I can’t seem to kick the  fever though.  I was supposed to run a 1/2 this weekend but since I barely walk from my office to my apt without wheezing I decided against it.  I know, another adult decision.


9.  This makes me laugh much harder than it should.  But I can’t help it!

10.  Since I’ve perused craigslist quite a bit as well as a local “trade/sell” page on facebook, I’ve realized it’s time I sell some of my stuff.  I mean, I have an extra table in storage, a king size down comforter that is brand new (I bought the wrong size), a pair of shoes I’ve never worn, a pair of boots I’ve barely worn – the list continues.  I’m also going to sell my current kitchen table (I think).  I’ve been warming to the idea for the last few days and this weekend I’m starting to put it into action.

11.  Yesterday when I took my car in I was a bit hopped up on cold medicine.  Not the best choice… this was illustrated further when I ran over a decorative log at the car fix-it place.  Why yes, this was embarrassing.

12.  I hope I have a kid like this someday


13.  My dear friend brought me flowers during my sicky days!


14.  I am going to attempt these… they are some exercises to get rid of “saddlebags”


can't hurt, right?
can’t hurt, right?

2 thoughts on “15 thing friday – I should give up trying to get these finished on time

  1. Glad you got your car fixed. I would go nuts without mine!

    That medal hanger is hilarious!

    We have have sold some things on craigslist and also bought some great finds on craigslist. Some things we have bough include: a house, stainless steel range/dishwasher/fridge, dining room table and a searay boat! I think we have had good experiences with it so far…you can find some great deals!

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