may is “get my sh*t together” month

If you can’t tell, I love a good theme.  Even more so, I love a plan.  There is something so satisfying about coming up with ideas and fitting them all together.  Now, I don’t always follow the plan but I never said I was good at that part.  My mom loved to say something along the following, “we need a plan!”.  Typically, she could envision what needed to be done and my dad was/is really good at carrying those plans out.  They had a damn good partnership.

So, I know this is where I get it – the ability to see the big picture but not always so good at getting it accomplished.  Whatever.  That’s what baby steps are for.  Here is what “operation get my sh*t together” looks like.

1.  Get my car fixed – DONE!  Haha, yes, I made this number one so I could mark it off!  I am thrilled to have my wheels back.  FREEDOM!  Not to mention, caring about my car – the poor thing needed some love and attention.

bug play date
bug play date

2.  Turn my health around – Thankfully, I am feeling better everyday from the whole med switch debacle.  Holy cannoli, did that ever suck.  But now that I only have two more days (YAY!!  TWO MORE DAYS) of the old meds and no more additions, I am ready to embrace good health – emotional and physical!  Get this, I am even starting to feel better from the icky cold/cough!  During the weekend I made a plan(!) of how to do this.  Here is the secret ingredient – I am just going to.  I knew sitting on my arse would become more of a habit as the time went on and this is exactly what has happened.  It’s time to get back into shape and enjoy some endorphins.  It’s time to feel good about myself again.  So, one action step I’m taking is I am not allowing myself to turn on the tv until after 7 pm.  Not to mention, now I KNOW just how bad I could feel and recognize how GOOD I actually do feel.  Time to take advantage of good health while I have it!


3.  Revamp my apt – new furniture pick up is TODAY!  Wahooo!!  I am really excited.

4.  Embracing the positive – once again, my recent negativity is linked to #2.  However, negative thinking is also habitual and I need to retrain my brain a bit to see and pay attention to the positive.  I’m certainly ready to embrace a kinder inner monologue!


5.  Blogging – this puppy needs some TLC as well!  I’ve added a couple of headings – the epilepsy one as well as some contact info.  I couldn’t remember how to do this so it took me ages to figure it out again!  I’m currently working on one for my apt makeover since I love it when other people do this.  I am constantly looking for ways to decorate a small space so maybe it will  benefit others.  Not to mention, my posts have been pushed off now and I’ve missed this outlet.  And my bloggy friends!

There go!  None of these are really overwhelming goals or anything but they are avenues of taking control of my life rather than feeling so reactive to things.


2 thoughts on “may is “get my sh*t together” month

  1. I think there’s a reason why Nike’s “just do it” slogan was so popular. Sometimes that’s just all there is to it! :)

  2. I love shopping for new furniture. I can’t wait to see what you purchases. My blog needs some love too, but I just don’t have time. I hardly even blog that much anymore. UGH. Need to figure something out.

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