15 thing friday… please let this work day end!

Ugh – so much sadness in the news… although this post is lighthearted, those who have been struck by these natural disasters are in my thoughts.

Wahoo!  We have hit Friday!  Such.A.Long.Week.  I keep reading all of these facebook messages that say, “four days off!”.  Well, I don’t have Friday off so I will have to suck it up and push through the day.  I hate you all.  Seriously though, it’s going to be a LONG day!

1.  The other night I saw this on facebook and I laughed.  A lot.  Then I read it again and laughed even more


2.  Are you running in the heat?  Most of us are, although the temps have dipped to the 50’s in Kalamazoo.  The 5/3 River Bank Run that is held in Grand Rapids every year sends out informational e-mails on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  This week there was an article on running as it gets hotter.  Here is the article for your info.

3.  I made tacos this week.  I’m not kidding, these tacos were/are AMAZING!  I grabbed a few packets of taco seasoning from Trader Joe’s.  The clerk told me it’s some tasty business but I thought he was making conversation.  Oh no, these are really good.  Even better one packet is good for two rounds of tacos!

oh yeah, they were this good!

4.  I tried a new to me GU Brew flavor, Peach Tea.  Aside from the fact it looks like I have a bottle of urine sitting on my desk, this is decent.  When I first tried it, I kind of hated it but it’s been growing on me.  I drink a water bottle worth everyday to help pre-hydrate.  It is working well.

5.  Speaking of hydration, my friend read my post last week and sent me this cool link for a water bottle with a fruit infuser.  Another friend mentioned you can get a pitcher with a fruit infuser from Costco so there is an option as well.

71YY1WuvDzL._SL1500_These water bottles are very nifty!  I am inclined to hit the purchase button!  Thanks Amy!  (My friend’s name is Amy – I am not thanking myself… but you probably knew that and now I look like a jerkface… and I am too lazy to delete!)

6.  Bought my plane ticket home to see my fam!  Whenever I am leaving for a trip that requires travel planning/purchasing I put it off forever.  Then BLAMMO!  I buy it on a whim.  This happened yesterday.  Within a half hour I found the flight, talked to my boss about the day off change and bought it.

I warned you… I’m slightly obsessed with this show dean winchester

7.  I’m helping to host a baby shower this weekend!!  My dear friend is going to pop out a bundle of love soon that I’ll get to smooch all day long!  Seriously, this kid is going to wish Auntie Amy wasn’t allowed over anymore.  It will be wonderful to hang out with my friends and celebrate BABIES (great scott – my ovaries just jumped for joy too…)

yes, I find this disturbing as well

8.  Here is the thing – I know we all struggle at times with motivation.  About a month ago, my co-worker gave an incredibly inspiring speech.  I’m not kidding – I got the shivers a few times.  One of my favorite parts was the following youtube video.  I’ve watched it a few times when I needed a little pick-me-up.  I highly recommend it!

9.  I follow two cats on twitter…

9.5.  Not going to lie… I feel this might be my future

10.  For the baby shower, I will be cooking/baking up some tasty-ness.  The funny thing is I am also getting the urge to cook and bake again.  I know I link my mom with baking so I’ve found it hard at times to enjoy it again.  I’ve talked about it before yet each time I think I am ready to dive in, I don’t follow through.  But these two recipes keep playing little ditties in my mind.  Here they are!  First up, an actual main dish  Skinny chicken fried rice yummyness!

10.5.  And now for some carby goodness!  Amish cinnamon bread

11.  A little while back, I mentioned I bought a treadmill – YAY!  I was really excited.  Spurred on by the likes of Hungry Runner Girl, Chocolate is My Life and It’s a Dog Lick Baby World, I saw the treadmill as my gateway to 2-a day work out days, some serious mileage and my epic return to the running world (and not simply a bystander).  Naturally, after ONE MILE, an error message popped up on my screen and the belt quit moving.  I followed the instructions and called Sears to get it fixed.  A few weeks passed where I was waiting for the parts to be shipped to me and then a technician was going to come and fix it.  Unfortunately, my treadmill is still broken.  As are my dreams.  Okay, not really but I’ve been quite the Polly-Pissy-Pants.  Sears called me yesterday and told me to go straight to the manufacturer and quote “take it to their doorstep”.  While I imagined mounting my noble steed and charging the Sole headquarters I’ve decided some angry phone calls will suffice.  We’ll see… at this point, I am not keeping my hopes up and think my rather large clothes dryer looks simply fabulous.

12.  Oddly enough this form of running hasn’t helped me much – I know, I don’t get it either.  I seem to hit a dip in my motivation this week so although I attempted to increase my fitness like the below pic, I would have to say it was unsuccessful

But I don’t see the motivation dip as a real set-back.  This week was a long one (as I mentioned) and each day had a fair amount of intensity intertwined with work.  I know running more would have helped but I talked to my dad, talked to my sister and then snuggled with Simon.  All of these things helped too.

13.  Soooo… here in Kalamazoo there was as stabbing the other night.  I know, it’s horrible.  You know what they were fighting over?  Hamburger meat.  I can’t make this stuff up.  I am embarrassed for them.

14.  Every time the following songs come on the radio, I crank up the volume.  Then I proceed to sing it for hours.  I will say, I am lousy at remembering lyrics so I keep repeating the words I do know over and over again.  I am POSITIVE my cubicle mates are beyond thrilled I have joined them for the summer.  Oh and of course I am now creating some mega awesome playlists.  Here are my list of current favorites:

Imagine Dragons – Demons, It’s Time, RAdioactive

Mumford and Sons – basically anything and everything

Lumineers – just them singing.  songs.  all the time.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home

Maclemore – “Can’t Hold Me” – great running song

The Head and the Heart – Lost in My mind

Of Mice and Men – Little Talks, Mountain Song

Tegan and Sara – Closer

Florence and the Machine – lots of their stuff!  Shake it Out reminds me of a song from “Working Girl” – 80’s movie that some of you youngin’s may have never seen

Silversun Pickups – Panic Switch – I think they sound a lot like Garbage, an oldie but goodie

15.  I’ll leave you with one of my favorite (and most ridiculous) movie quotes ever.  There is so much fun to be had with this little ditty!  Have a great weekend!

One thought on “15 thing friday… please let this work day end!

  1. When are you visiting your family? Reminds me that I need to plan a trip to see my parents soon! :-)

    HUGE bummer about your TM. We bought my TM at Sears too. Got it all of the way home and unloaded it from the truck. Was 95% put together when we realized that the side rails for each side was missing. Sears made us take the stupid thing apart, re box it, and bring it back in. It was such a hassle. My husband was not happy. The TM was freaking heavy!

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