behold… kinda failed as an adult yesterday

A special thanks to all of the veterans and their families for their sacrifice and eternal love for our country.  No words can truly express my gratitude!

For some reason, I was a huge flake yesterday.  I’m not sure if I simply forgot to turn my brain on or if spending to time on my own Friday and Saturday made it so I forgot how to interact with actual people.  Whatever it was – it was lame.  On the small end of the scale, I told one of my friends how much I loved marshmallows!  I was holding a mushroom.

Because  I love a good list (as I am sure you can tell) I will detail some of the my lack of adult success… hopefully it will either make you laugh!

1.  I spilled coffee on my new rug.  The weird thing was, I was holding the cup and kept tilting it and spilling!  It was this surreal, slow motion moment where I was practically watching myself spill it.  What was wrong with me?  I have no idea – thank goodness my carpet is blue.

2.  I completely underestimated the amount of time it would take to make some cornbread muffins for the baby shower.  It wasn’t so much that I didn’t think about it but I only contemplated the actual COOK time.  I forgot about the whole prep thing.

3.  I was late for said baby shower.  And I was helping to host it.  I felt like a heel for this aspect of my adulthood fail.

4.  One of my more fantastic mishaps?!  Oh, I dropped my iPhone in water – BOO!  Here is the thing… this is the first REALLY nice cell phone I have ever purchased.  When I got it they asked if I wanted AppleCare and I said I didn’t.  I wasn’t going to do anything with this phone except treat it with love and kindness.  Hmm… does dropping it in water count as love and kindness?  I did buy the AppleCare, however it won’t help with my own stupidity (I think this might be a racket, btw).  It is currently chilling in a container of rice.  My phone wasn’t completely submerged but half of it was.  Of course, I didn’t read how I shouldn’t use it until after I used it!  It also wouldn’t turn off all the way so I don’t get that either.  OH!  And the phone kept facetiming people or calling them.  SKYNET!

in case some are missing this reference, skynet was the name of the company who created the terminator – it’s fun to say

4.5.  Here’s the thing – I have been death to electronics this year!  I’ve been through TWO iPods.  Luckily, I got the second one from the Apple store for half off but still, that is a chunk of change.  The second one was being a bit shifty but then I got busy and forgot about it.  I was cleaning out my car when I found this iPod in a bag from a race… with a nasty banana all mushed into it.  Nice job, adult.  I didn’t have any rice so I put it in quinoa.  Sort of smart?  No, not at all – the quinoa is so small that there are little bits of it in all of its cracks and crevices.  I’ve also managed to kill a computer at work, a printer, my internet connection in my apt, my garmin went kaput and now my phone.  And my car… that was unfortunate.

5.  Then I got lost on the way to the baby shower and didn’t have my phone to call anyone.  I didn’t make it out for a run after the shower either since we had pulled pork sandwiches and running with that in my tummy sounded scary.  (<–lame excuse!)

I DID however, take a super quick shower!  I know this seems minor but I was kind of impressed with myself.  I also went for a run on Saturday evening.  It was the best run I’ve had in weeks.  I’m not wearing my garmin so I still don’t know my pace (although I did charge it up just in case)!  I mapped it out though and I hit a smidgen over 4 miles.  Today I am going to try for 4.5?  Dopey training starts on June 9th and the first “long run” is 5 miles so no need to push past 5.

In order to make this post a little less whiny, I had a cool idea the other night.  A couple of my co-workers and I were chatting and they want to do a half marathon.  There is the Grand Rapids 1/2 in October that I told them about and they are on board.  I’ve crafted a very clever and entertaining e-mail to my department to invite anyone and everyone to train for it!  There is also a 10k and 5k on the books (well, my two favorite races of these distances) in case that sounds more appealing.  I have used a few training plans and think it would be fun to help others reach their goals.  Weekly long runs, maybe a mid-week run together and working toward a common goal will definitely be motivating for me as well.  I’m not sure how many people will take me up on my offer.  I’m not a coach but I think it would be fun to pretend!

So there you go!  I know – many of these things are not terrible but I was feeling sorry for myself this weekend so when it all piled up I was a mopey gal.  Spending time with my friends, running and of course looking at these New Girl gifs made me feel better!

*Edited to add: I was perusing pinterest last night and there was this pin you were supposed to concentrate on to find what was obscure/odd about the picture.  Then a really scary guy jumps out at you on the screen.  I screamed.  A lot.  And tried to cover the screen so I couldn’t see it anymore.  I KNEW better than to look at this damn picture!  Then I was up until about 5 am because I was so freaked out.  Good job adult.

3 thoughts on “behold… kinda failed as an adult yesterday

  1. when i dropped my phone in the toilet earlier this month I too put it in quinoa because that is all i had…. took forever to remove it from some crevices

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