eye-xcitement and other ramblings

This morning I woke up late (in part due to the Tornado Warning late last night) and was rushing around.  I put my contacts in and my left one was really bothering me.  I tried to grab it but couldn’t.  Then I realized I couldn’t see clearly out of that eye either.  I thought it might have fallen out but couldn’t find it.  Then I thought it had migrated either north or south but again, couldn’t find it.  I figured if it was up/down in my eye I wouldn’t be able to fit another contact in my eye.  Well, turns out you can.  Currently, I’m rocking a migraine and a rogue contact that will NOT come out despite numerous times poking around with my finger.  AAARRRGGGG!

why isn’t this possible?!

My phone is… ALIVE!  I know, there was some heart skipping moments there but so far it seems like it came out relatively unscathed.  There are still might be some sound issues but other than that I have texted, checked the internet and made a phone call so I am feeling much better.  Nevertheless, I use my phone for work so I may have to look into getting a new one.  LovingHomemade said in the UK cell phones are covered by your home insurance – doesn’t that rock?!  Too bad we are not as lucky here.

I like to add a bit of challenge to amy's life!
I like to add a bit of challenge to amy’s life!

I am also super proud of myself!  Yesterday, I did not take a nap!  I am working on my June goals as well as looking over my “May is get my sh%^ together” month.  I will do a bit of a recap but one thing hitting the June goal list is dropping the napping habit.  Seriously, I am like a 5-year-old.  The naps have interfered with many of my goals over the last few months as well as my sleep patterns.  Yesterday, I woke up at 6:30 am for no reason.  Typically, I would have gone back to sleep but nope didn’t happen.  The other typical thing would me to hit the couch for a nappy-poo as soon as I could!  I did neither of these!

On Monday night I hit the streets for a run.  I wanted to do the 4 mile loop again and took my garmin with me this time to make sure the mileage was spot on.  It was, which made me happy.  My legs were definitely tired.  The first two miles are always the hardest for me.  Even when I was in better running shape, the first mile of any race would always hover around 10 mins and then the negative splits would kick into gear.  Sounds nifty but this is a lot of time to make up in order to hit my time goals.  I need to work on putting the pedal to the metal earlier on – especially in a 5k.

I’m sure many of you have seen the Under Armour What’s Beautiful contest/campaign.  It’s about redefining the female athlete.  I appreciate this concept and this campaign.  I can’t even recount how many times I’ve heard my friends say, “well, I’m not a real runner”.  Or “I just work out – I am not an athlete”.  Campaigns like these are important so our ideas of athleticism aren’t centered around one “style” of athlete.

my first bit of encouragment!
my first bit of encouragement!

So, I had to put down my goal.  It’s for approximately 8 weeks.  I thought long and hard about this goal.  Part of me was scared about making the goal too far-reaching and then I would fail.  I thought about making the goal easier but then I could picture myself not working as hard because I could achieve it any ol’ time.  I decided to take some advice from Goldilocks and I think I’ve picked some middle ground.

Yesterday, my average time for the 4 miles was 11:37.  This included two walk breaks but still, it hurts my heart a bit to see that time.  Not because it’s a bad time but because I know I can run faster and used to be able to.  I decided my goal was to have my average pace be 9:30 or lower for four miles.  Maybe a bit conservative?  Maybe not?  I want it to be the average pace for all 4 miles and not one mile here or there.  Not to mention, this is TWO FREAKIN’ MINUTES!  It’s quite a bit actually.  My ultimate goal is for a sub-9 min per mile pace somewhere in my future.  I would love to see a super pretty 8:30 on my garmin and that will come.  I know it.

3 thoughts on “eye-xcitement and other ramblings

  1. I’ve never had contacts– but, I had no idea that shit was possible! AHHH!!! I hurt just thinking about it!! Poor girl!!!

    I TOTALLY think you can rock that goal and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

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