have mercy little short week – you are killing me!

Today was the day, the day I kind of lost it.  I’ve come to the conclusion that short weeks are not always the best weeks.  Yes, I absolutely LOVE having an extra day in the weekend.  However, it seems more and more short weeks make people INSANE!  And my own life has been a ball of disconcerting oddities as well.  Ew.

Okay, so let’s start with what drove me over the edge this afternoon.  I had three hours of hot and sweaty work that was supposed to be completed by some other folks.  I was working with some quality people and what I can say about that is I’ve never laughed so hard or so much when in a completely crappy mood.

Then I had to call a customer back.  He ranted at me for a solid 15 mins.  I kind of broke – typically, I can handle this kind of thing.  I go into “kid mode”.  Remember when you were little and getting yelled at by your parents?  You sit there and just start saying, “yes.  I understand.  I get it.  yes.”  Going into this mode is often annoying to either your parents or the customer but it usually works to get them to realize they have driven the point HOME.  Today though… oh man – I was being called all sorts of unkind names and that was it.  Then he told me not to take this personally.  Um no.  I explained I did take it personally and then please imagine my rant about how much I care about my job and how seriously I take it.  I was surprised how much this put him in his place and hopefully makes him more careful about the terms he throws at people in the future.  I should admit, I am kind of proud of myself.

OH!  I went to the eye doctor today – another fun piece of my week!  Turns out the contact fell out at some point on its own.  My eye doc couldn’t find anything and let me say, she LOOKED!  She put a stain in my eye, lifted my lid with some kind of small stick, stuck something in my eye and looked extensively.  She did put some numbing business in there as well so it wasn’t the torture it sounds like!  She explained that it’s going to feel like something is in there for another day or two and I simply aggravated it by rubbing it, poking it, sticking my finger under the lid, basically abusing the poor little guy.  Glasses for me for a couple of days.

If you can imagine, this coupled with stress at work and lack of sleep has left me just a smidgen anxious!

I decided one way to help is to hack off all my hair.  Tomorrow I will be taking my lunch with my hair dresser and off it will come!  I looked at several pictures and think I am going for half long-ish pixie and half short bob.  Mostly, I want a hair style that I can put some styling crap in it, maybe blow dry for 6 seconds and then be out the door.  I have a bunch of pictures, which I am sure isn’t annoying at all!

Okay, I think that concludes my whining for today.  I plan on running tonight when the heat dips a bit and I’m sure this will help with all of this bitchy energy that is bouncing around me!

4 thoughts on “have mercy little short week – you are killing me!

  1. I hate having to deal with rude customers. I used to get it all of the time in my old job when I was a 911 call receiver. I was called names I didn’t even think existed! Worst job ever!

    I am glad you got the contact thing figured out. It just fell out? No wonder you couldn’t find it, lol. :-)

    Short weeks really are the worst. You aren’t the only one that feels that way.

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