mini reviews of running business

Before we get to the mini reviews allow me to show you my fellow carb-loving friend:

-2-3Oh yes, this little rascal clawed into my trash bag (I was too lazy to walk to the dumpster) and found the bread.  He was in a bit of heaven – or at least I am assuming this considering the little dude didn’t run away when I opened the door.  And Simon?  He sat by the door and just listened to the squirrel outside!

Time for some mini reviews!  All of these following products I purchased but if any of the vendors want to send me some free goodies, I’m totally okay with that!

1.  Oiselle Long Roga shorts

not me... I was too lazy (and sweaty) to take a pic but this is the color I have!
not me… I was too lazy (and sweaty) to take a pic but this is the color I have!

I was drawn to these because of all the hype that they didn’t ride up.  Shorts that ride up are the bane of my existence, so I was intrigued with these.  First of all, I really like the wide waistband that decreases the appearance of muffin top – 3 cheers!  As you can see in the pic, it also breaks up my bum a bit so it’s much more flattering.  There are TWO zippered pockets and I hooked my iPod in one of them and this was very handy.  Next, they are longish but not all out bermuda style which I was nervous about.  I like the fabric, which feels kind of stretchy and I bought a darker blue color.  Oh and I got them on sale because these shorts are not cheap – minor downfall.  For the most part they didn’t ride up, although I get self-conscious if they even ride up a little.  I *think* this amount of riding up is probably normal for all shorts but I’m just not sure.  Damn you chub-rub (<—this saying cracks me up)!  I think this will get better.  I give these an A- but reserve the right to bump up this grade after a few more runs!

2.  Koss ear buds

I bought these before I even knew anything about the Koss brand.  If you check out this post from SkinnyRunner you can learn more.  These puppies were originally $30 but I got them on sale for $8 smackers!  Yay!  These worked REALLY well.  They stayed in my ears, the music came through clearly and I liked the noise control slide that is attached.  I give these a straight up A

3.  Maia Moving Comfort Bra

Remember my Big Boob running post a bit ago?  I completely broke my own rule and ordered what I THOUGHT was the style I usually wore.  When it arrived I realized it was not!  At first I was perturbed because I am terrible about taking things back.  I tried it on and lo and behold it has an underwire (something else I hadn’t tried) and is not the uniboob I am used to.  Great, once again I broke some of my own rules.  However, this was a good change-up, especially now that it’s sticky hot (I know, boob sweat is not a sexy topic but let’s face it, it is a thing) it turned out to be a good chice.  This sports bra exceeded my expectations.  I felt supported and my profile was diminished, so these are two big wins in my book especially right now.  A+!!  Oh yeah, and I got this bad boy for $35 – another sale!

support is ahhhh-mazing!

4.  New haircut!

Okay, I know this one is weird but my shorter hair performed well yesterday.  No ponytail, pigtails were necessary and now I get to investigate some new headbands.

And my iPod actually worked!  I forgot to mention why I had mushed banana in said iPod.  Unfortunately, I’m a dodo bird and I left a bag from a race in my car… for a couple of months.  I totally forgot about it and that there was a banana in it.  It wasn’t pretty.  Good job little iPod!

I don’t know if I should apologize for that or not but ummm… enjoy?

3 thoughts on “mini reviews of running business

  1. I have heard good things about the Oiselle shorts too, but haven’t tried them out for myself. I do think that they are pretty pricey. Maybe someday I will take the plunge, but for now I think I am good. :-)

  2. I really like Old Navy’s athletic shorts. Cheap and, to me, they don’t ride up. Now, I bought 5 pairs like 2 years ago and still have them, so they may have changed their fit or something too.

    PS- I can’t believe that squirrel let you get close enough to take its pic!!!

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