I used up all my smartness by 9:15 am

Yesterday, I saw a few blog posts for What I Ate Wednesday.  At first I was so confused – why were they posting that on a Tuesday?  It took me about 15 minutes to figure out it was Wednesday.

Tuesday I looked for my keys for 10 minutes before I found them… in my hand.

I completely forgot I had a dentist appointment this week, an appointment with my neurologist and an appointment with my regular doctor.  Thank goodness they do reminder calls!

This whole week I was really struggling with spelling.  Now, I’ve never been a spelling rock star but this week I was misspelling very simple words.

I bought Cheez Whiz at the store today.  Okay, you caught me!  This was totally on purpose!  Mock Philly Cheese Steaks NEED Cheez Whiz.

Needless to say, I’ve been super flakey this week.  But not without reason – 12 hour days at work, no naps (eek!) and earlier mornings than usual has certainly done a number on my brain!  You know what’s interesting?  Two appointments ago, I told my neurologist I thought I might have some brain damage because of seizures.  She asked why I thought this, especially because I haven’t had as many as others.  I explained I forget things, my words get mixed up and I can’t remember what I was saying mid sentence/thought and a few others.  You know what she told me?  Take out the med factor, most of it is because of multitasking.

She said she has had a number of patients come in and ask if something was wrong with them because of similar “symptoms’.  It all comes down to multitasking.  She explained our brains don’t have enough time to commit things to long-term memory so we forget them.  Or our brains are so fractured into different thoughts, duties, worries, good memories – whatever, that we can’t always grab what we are looking for.  Isn’t that crazy?  Here is my PSA – stop multitasking!  At least try to slow it down.  Trust me, this is a difficult habit to break (oh – did anyone else just sing Chicago’s Hard Habit to Break?!), but I’ve been working on it.

3dae623257af6caf5c593c4aca7a94a0Of course there are going to be times when we don’t have a choice.  But looking for opportunities to diminish your multitasking will help figure out when it’s important/necessary and when it’s simply habitual.

This week I haven’t been able to stop multitasking and it shows.  My brain doesn’t feel good and I was in a meeting talking and then essentially stopped mid sentence because I had no idea how to complete my thought.  Luckily, I work with understanding co-workers who have been in similar situations at some point in time; still I felt like a dodo!  Not to mention, I think multitasking exasperates my anxiety – does this happen with anyone else?  I used to think it was the opposite, the more I get done at once the better I felt!  Nope, no bueno Aimers!

I guess this has turned into another “advice” post.  Part of it was triggered by my flaky week.  I also talked with my neurologist yesterday and she wants me to deal with stress better.  She is a total kick in the pants – in fact, our first session together she told me I was a “glutton for punishment”.  I love this.  I completely trust her opinion and try to follow her suggestions as closely as possible.  Maybe some acupuncture?  Maybe figuring out how to worry about important things but not the unimportant?  Aside from exercise – how do you deal with stress?  Ultimately, I want to give my brain a chance!!  Let’s do it together – give our brains a chance!

P.S.  Another PSA:  don’t look up “multitasking gif”… I promise you will regret it.

Another P.S.:  Brain Game!!  Try it – it was tough!

2 thoughts on “I used up all my smartness by 9:15 am

  1. I am glad that I am not the only having a rough week! I hope that yours at least got a little better. AT least today is Friday! I have a dentist appointment, work and then I am off to Portland for an annual girl’s weekend with my bestie!

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