15 thing friday – anyone else need a nap?

*UGH!  Curses!  I was so close to having this bad boy up on Friday – half was written on Thursday even…  Oh well – happy Saturday!

YIPPEEE!  Today has been very busy but at least it makes the day go by quicker.  I have a couple of plans this weekend but ultimately, I plan on finalizing my training plan and catching up on sleep.  Oh and relaxing!  Right now, all of this seems heavenly!  Yes, I realize this makes me seem old but honestly, downtime makes it possible for me to be pleasant, even when I am all stabby on the inside!

6fb25b6b2a99489a372dd47354186f1a1.  The other night I had an incredibly realistic dream about eating a Boston Cream donut.  Not kidding – I could practically taste it!  Naturally, said deliciousness has been on my mind since however, I haven’t given into temptation.  Of course when I went to the store yesterday this greeted me.

-2A whole cake?!  You are a rude “B,” destiny

2.  I was really excited when I saw some catnip bubbles.  I imagined blowing them and Simon jumping all around, you know, a real Christmas card moment.

okay, so I knew this wouldn’t happen exactly (simon’s sunglasses were across the room) but something other than cowering away would have been nice

3.  These are an incredibly addictive substance.  Proceed with caution:

-34.  Old Navy running tanks are FAB-ulous!  They are cheap, fit nicely and hold up well.  I really like the “bubble” cut.  It’s flattering and I don’t have to fuss with it while I run (oh yes, I am a fuss-er if uncomfortable).  There were also some way-on-sale work out tees so I picked up two of those.  I haven’t tried them yet but they look promising.

-55.  The grocery store is killing me this week.  I discovered beef suet.  This is a specific fat that is collected from a cow and it is located around their kidneys.  This is used in more English cooking and candles used to be made from it as well.  Here’s the thing – I really appreciate our ancestors for not allowing any part of an animal to go to waste.  BUT I was so not ready to see hardened animal fat next to my burger meat.  My friend (who eats paleo) also uses it in cooking instead of vegetable oil and she raves about it.

6.  My super fantastic niece had her birthday this week!  Her and I chatted the other day and we talked about men – she gives me great advice, made me laugh and made me even more excited to spend time with her at home.  She is so wonderful – I think all of the extended family competes for her love!  My nephew too.

my niece and nephew from a couple of years ago!
my niece and nephew from a couple of years ago!  clearly I am winning in the love dept!

7. I’m working on my travel/hotel arrangements for the Dopey Challenge weekend!  Doing this makes it feel more real, not to mention closer than ever.  I told someone on Monday that it was 30 weeks away and wasn’t that insane?!  They looked at me and said, “well, there are only 52 weeks in a year soooo…”.  Oh right.  BUT STILL!

8.  My piriformis has been engulfed in flames.  Yes, slightly exaggerated but WOW.  I’ve foam rolled, Tiger Tail-ed, stretched and rested.  I should probably ice it but then icing my ass sounds so weird.  The pain has subsided a smidge so hopefully if I do all of the above regularly, it will help.  I did find this rockin’ site with lots of good information on the piriformis so check it out.

9.  Iced coffee.

That’s all I really should say but I’ll hook you up with a few recipes as well!  I am making a batch of it this weekend.  Lately, when I hit up McDonald’s for coffee I’ve been getting iced caramel coffee.  It has fewer calories, is a bigger serving and actually feels like I get a bigger jolt of caffeine.  I went to our friendly internets and found three recipes:  Yum 1  Yum 2 and Yum 3.  Enjoy!

10.  Sunday night I searched the web over for a Dopey training plan.  Here is the one I am currently looking at, however, I think I want to add more back-to-back long runs.  If you can’t tell, I am slightly obsessed with this running schedule.  Part of it is nerves and the other part is I want to feel as prepared as possible.  I talked to my good friend Meagan and she helped me tweak it a bit.  As soon as I get smart enough, I’ll tag it here.  Oh by the way – there were VERY few training plans on line.  I am guessing because I am starting a few weeks earlier than others but still I was surprised.

dopey-in-team-gear11.  Mushrooms.  I eat them.  A lot.

12.  Here is a nifty post on becoming a minimalist.  It’s a great starting point for me – maybe for you too!

13.  I really like this idea!  It’s listed as a present for Father’s Day but I think so much could be done with it.  Got a favorite map of a race course?  Or a favorite running or biking path?  So much potential!  Also, I have a map that has a shiny residue so I think I will simply cut out words for it

101891922.jpg.rendition.largest14.  Here is a chocolate-peanut butter cookie we should all try this weekend.  They don’t have any white sugar (disclaimer, there is brown sugar so this is kind of a stretch), white flour or butter so my friends out there who want something a bit different, try these!  Or are you in a cupcake mood?  What about a creamsicle cupcake that only had 3 ingredients?  Yay!  I am not sure which one I want to make first!

15.  See?  It could always be worse


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