from dopey to dating – I’m your gal

As previously mentioned, I super dooper? duper? heart “Easy A”.  Emma Stone is my major girl/celebrity crush and her delivery and acting are great.  I know I am not alone in feeling this way but she gives off a relatable vibe that is quite endearing.  In this movie, there are a couple of scenes where her character channels me, especially ones showcasing her awkwardness!

Anywho, I shall embrace my awkwardness and my sub par filter for whatever pops into my head at that moment with pride!

To illustrate the above statement, awkward transition:  Piriformis issues are simply not fun.  Funny enough, when I first started running, I kind of felt getting a running related injury was “the thing” that would prove I was a real runner.  Well, I got my wish when I failed to stretch during ALL of my first 1/2 marathon training and I am still paying for it a few years later.  This one started on my left bum and apparently my right side felt neglected and wanted to get in on the party.  The right side is the one that is currently vexing me.  After both of my runs this weekend, I foam rolled and stretched like a maniac.

except not as much sweat… and I was foam rolling and wearing more cloths so completely different. btw, please tell me you get this reference!

And will wonders never cease – it’s helping!  Why all you wacky smart folks are right!  I also saw this dandy article on from Runner’s World the other day on facebook.  I even read the whole thing and I am going to add the 6 stretches/strength moves.

After last week talking about lack of Dopey Training plans, Running for the Prize sent me to her site to look at her plan.  It really helped me to see how to add the back to back miles and quantities.  I guess I really do need to tweak the variety I’ve found in order to solidify my own.  For some reason, I feel a bit nervous about doing this – what if I screw up?il_340x270.453886314_6gadNevertheless TODAY IS THE DAY!  Yippee!  I’m scanning this training plan into the computer and then getting it up on here for all to see.  I am ridiculously jazz hands for this – in fact I feel the same excitement I felt when I was training for my first distance race but not my first full.  Guess, I was burned out a bit.  Ha!  The first day is a rest day though!  Gotta follow the plan!  Oh by the way, due to some technical issues, my training plan will be up in the next few days.

You know what is helping me fuel?  I have eaten this everyday for, well, longer than I would like to admit.

egg and cheese tortilla - yummy and filling
egg and cheese tortilla – yummy and filling

OH!  And after I told Chobani that yet another person (actually three!) fell to my peer pressure to purchase said yogurt and a Flip they sent me this tweet.

-2I am legit convinced I will be traveling the world over spreading the word on this great goodness!

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