hodge podge – vol 17(?)

Truly, aside from coffee this makes me epic-ly happy today!

I just love his little body wiggle when he moves his arms – SO CUTE!  I have no idea where my fascination with the t-rex came from however, I will say I’ve been comparing my arms to that of said dinosaur for quite some time.  Like even before this movie came out!  Yes, basically I am saying I started this whole trend.  I feel like all of the trexes up in dinosaur heaven are happy about this.

Monday training started and I’ve made Mondays my rest days.  Here is the thing – I’m a huge baby.  Mondays kick my buns from here to Jaboody.  They always seem to sweep me away and all my denial from the weekend surfaces.  Ewww.  By the end of the day I am crawling through the door.  Simon greets me, demands food, I change my clothes and this is essentially all I can muster.  Even though it means switching the plan all around I know it’s worth it.  Otherwise I would miss a good portion of these work outs – I know it

true dat

I had this post all finished but once I read over the second part it seemed really whiny.  I want to be done with whiny for a bit so I’m going to write about something else… basically, this is going to be a hodge-podge of business!

The unexpected has happened – I am completely over my egg mcmuffin love.  Today I had my last one and even that wasn’t very good.  I am pretty certain I simply over indulged on these since it’s easy and I haven’t really put a lot of thought to much outside of work the last few weeks.  Ultimately, I am happy this has happened.  It will save me some money.  But now I need to figure out my breakfast situation.  I think I referenced this before but now it’s time to get serious!  Because, really, breakfast is some serious business!

Can we talk about the world of selfies?  Here’s the thing, in the blog world I think this is pretty normal since, you know, it’s all about us.  However, in other places in the world/social media I think they are kind of weird.  I have never seen so many awkward selfies than I’ve seen on the dating sites.  They are kind of extreme actually.  Half naked shots, the “serious” shots, the weird mirror shots – yep, strange.  Maybe I am simply too judgy but I am really surprised by this!

This post really is going nowhere!  My apologies.  Hopefully the trex in the beginning helped make up for the sub par content!  Tomorrow I have a great idea though so come back!  I’m looking into some homemade/natural products and/or products that have been around forever.  Tonight will be experiment Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “hodge podge – vol 17(?)

  1. http://www.fatgirltrappedinaskinnybody.com/2011/04/bacon-egg-cups/

    Try something like this for breakfast – they are super easy and super yummy, and there’s a million ways to make them correctly! I make them 1-2 a month and make them on Sunday for the rest of the week. I always make 1 batch, or 12 ‘egg cupcakes’, and there’s countless ways to do them. With the bacon (I always cook first and just throw in the cup first), with sausage, with no meat, with lots of veggies, always with cheese (duh!) but with varying kinds – the possibilities are endless. They are so easy – only takes 20/30 minutes to make on Sunday and then make a yummy breakfast/snack all week long (just keep refrigerated). Best part for me – carb free (and paleo, if you like that).

    I just nuke in the microwave for about 30 seconds per cup (so if it’s a hungry morning and I’m eating 2, make it 60 seconds) and then devour – might I add, sprinkling a little goat cheese on top after microwaving is a quick way to kick up the deliciousness and fanciness =)


  2. I saw a good article somewhere about broiling and egg inside an avocado…you basically halve it… Remove the pit… Slice a chuck off the outside so it will sit up on its own… Lightly score the interior then whisk an egg (not a jumbo egg I’m guessing) and pout it in… Broil til egg so cooked… I have not tried it yet, cause I’m afraid of burning the joint down.

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