15 thing friday – I’m chillin’ at home and it’s fabulous

e1cf7dea45fa044b3543c5adadf5ff401.  I have today off!  I HAVE today off!  I have TODAY off!  I have today OFF!!  Can you tell I’m excited?

2.  I solidified my hotel reservation today for Dopey.  I am thrilled and want to vomit all at the same time.

3.  I cannot stop laughing at this.  I keep repeating, “I’m a HOOMAN” and it makes me laugh over and over.

6184be456d1d00041bfbb33731c322964.  Guess what?!  The parts to fix my treadmill FINALLY arrived!  Now I just have to wait for the technician to come out and fix it.  Awesome.

5.  Today is one of my dear friend’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Em!

24950_565617331453_375292_n6.  A bunch of my friends have been helping me with my “collecting” issue.  It cracks me up but I do really appreciate it.  For instance, someone asked me today, “hey do you want this water bottle?  Wait, no you don’t”.  Or even better, sometimes I give stuff to others and let them do it with it what they will but they just can’t tell me.  Some of this is totally habitual – wanting to save or reuse.  But ultimately, I don’t end up using the things I’ve saved and it collects.  The other part is my wacky brain!

7.  This week I have woken up every morning at 4 am (okay, this morning it was 4:30).  It’s very strange.  Then I am awake for about a half hour or 45 mins.  I seem to be getting really solid sleep before this so I am wondering if my body is so not used to getting a full night sleep that once I hit the 5 hour mark, it’s ready to rise.  Only, I struggle to make it through the day on only 5 hours a sleep.  I feel like a zombie.  Who knows.

8.  I finished up the first season of Downton Abbey this past weekend!  I loved it!  I need to get the second season soon.  I know, I am very late with jumping on this bandwagon but hey, I got there!

tru dat maggie smith

9.  I think it’s really funny this game “Candy Crush” is such a crazed thing.  I refuse to start playing it.  I’m not quite sure I would really fall for all of the hype considering I’m not a big video game person nor do I play games on my phone.  Nevertheless, I’m not taking any chances

10.  Do any of you remember “Members Only” jackets?  They were quite the rage  back when I was a youngster.  I decided to google them last week and the weird thing was, they are still around.  Since I used to have one, I was kind of thinking I could rock one once again.  Then I saw the price tag – $100!  Whaaa?  I don’t remember them being this price before.  Lame.

maybe my total love for the Goonies made me want the jacket. “mouth” was all about style!

11.  I really love my doctors.  I know this is a weird one for 15 thing Friday but I strongly suggest, if you don’t currently have a doctor that you can laugh, cry or be completely honest with then find a new one.  Both my neuro and internist are really wonderful women who listen to all of my “well, webMD said”, talk to me about my med levels and when I’ve changed them myself and are really patient as I ask my endless questions.  Being your own advocate is so important but so are doctors who are willing to listen.

12.  I had a pear cider the other night and all I have to say is yum.  It was called Pear Pacific and I strongly recommend it if you aren’t a huge beer drinker.

13.  Peanut butter toast is still on my totally love list.

14.  I tried these two bars and was really impressed.  The Quaker Banana Nut Bread bar is filling and actually does taste like banana bread.  Plus it does have 6 grams of protein, which I am all for.  The Trader Joe bar has fewer calories than other breakfast bars, is bigger and taste like a Fig Newton.  Oh and I love the name of it

-115.  Hey Washingtonians – I am really sorry to out us all but what is wrong with us?  Yep, many wear the whole dreaded socks with sandals.  It cracks me up actually and so does this product

the caption was, "simplify for Washingtonians"... yes, I have no idea why we wear socks with sandles
the caption was, “simplify for Washingtonians”… yes, I have no idea why we wear socks with sandals

4 thoughts on “15 thing friday – I’m chillin’ at home and it’s fabulous

  1. Maybe Washingtonians are just more prepared for every kind of weather? Well I take that back because walking in the snow would suck.

  2. Hooray for days off that equate to a three day weekend!!!
    Glad that your TM part came. Hopefully the tech will come out STAT and get it going for you.
    I love my doctors too. I think that it is VERY important to find ones that you can connect with and that will listen to you.
    Those socks are AWFUL. LOL.

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