dopey training plan and some other tidbits

Anybody have a  run on the docket today?  I ran last night, Saturday and then today I have some miles on the schedule as well.  Actually, I am supposed to be swimming right now but the stinkin’ pool was closed.  So now I get to sweat my buns off on a run later tonight.  My first week on my training plan was a bit of a bust.  Okay, a total bust.  But I know this doesn’t have to determine the rest of my training.  I blame work and 12 hour days that left me exhausted – physically and emotionally.  However, this is the case for many folks out there so it’s time to BUCK UP BUTTERCUP!

see? I’m bucking up just by watching this!

Oh and watch this gif over and over because it’s so dang happy!

I’m still not sure what I was thinking kicking off my training week with a rest day?!  People, it’s okay to question me when I am doing something completely silly.  Thankfully, I realized this on my run the other day.  A rest day just didn’t set the tone I wanted/needed for a successful week.

In addition, I fixed my training plan so I no longer have Monday off.  And get this – now you can view it!  Yay!  This stinkin’ plan took me forever and a day.  It’s one of the first ones I’ve ever created and thanks to Running Down a Dream 23 and Running for the Prize something for the help.

Runners World posted an article the other day on facebook about building endurance.  I posted it on my facebook page for my blog but in case you missed it, here it is.  It’s a good article.  I really like number 4 because it talks about how walking isn’t a bad thing.  Anyone else consider “walk” a four letter word?  I used to and now I recognize it could be a lot worse – I could be hanging out on my couch.  What I didn’t realize is it actually helps your endurance when you need to take a walk break during your longer runs.

Far stretch of a transition:  So, I am a big believer that physical health and emotional health are strongly connected.  I’m sure you have probably been able to gleam this from previous posts and the fact I am starting my holistic health certificate (June 26th class starts!) so I’m sure it’s no surprise.  I’m very much looking forward to these classes and working on my own overall health.  Part of this is that I am a huge people pleaser which definitely has an impact on my emotional health.  I saw this quote the other day and it struck a cord with me

c352e4723781a6f186a426dc19722f76My sister is really good about putting other people’s opinions in perspective.  Since I tend to needlessly worry, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out WHY people either like me or why they don’t.  Wasted effort, I tell you!  Last weekend, I had a mini-intervention with myself and am working on letting go.  Of course there will always be those important people in my life that I do want to please.  I don’t think I like the words “to please” though, however I can’t really figure out what I want to say instead, so I hope you know what I mean.  Letting go WILL help my overall emotional health and I started putting it in action this week.  It’s not easy, that’s for sure but I believe it is worth it.

miss piggy never cared what anyone thought of her!

Alright, I am going to sit on my couch for a bit – take a gander at the Dopey training plan page!  I am really excited!

2 thoughts on “dopey training plan and some other tidbits

  1. It is okay to start out with rest day. I started off my current plan with a half marathon and then a rest day. I would really consider my plan to be training though, just more maintaining.

    There is nothing wrong with walk breaks either. Trust me! I really liked #6 because that is the only way I can make it through a long run or a tough workout. I break up every distance into little chunks to make it seem more manageable.

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