15 thing friday – I am so happy to see you!

Oh my goodness Friday, what took you so long?!

coffee1.  I took a week break from eating eggs but now this is back in full force.  Right now it’s an over-medium egg sandwich.  Yum.

2.  Yesterday I was so excited to see that Downton Abbey is on Amazon Prime!  But then I noticed the first season was the American version and seasons two and three are the UK version.  Does anyone know if the American version is hidden in there somewhere?

3.  The dream maker machine in my head is on overdrive currently.  My favorite dream was one from the other night where I dreamt I won an apt make-over from someone on HGtv or something.  They gave me a grand staircase that led up to a LAUNDRY ROOM!  There was a laundry chute as well.  I can remember many of the details of this place and seriously, I would never have left it!

this is how I feel about not winning an apt make over… and doing my laundry in a community laundry room – bleh

4.  I’ve decided to put some interesting outings on my to-do list for summer.  Each year, I feel August hits and that I didn’t really do much to enjoy the “down time” of summer.  July is really the only down time anymore and the project I am heading up right now has seriously sucked the life out of me.  The good part about it I’ve been getting up at the same time everyday so that is helpful.

5.  Did anyone see the coverage earlier this week of people digging around for Jimmy Hoffa’s body?  One of the rumored places he is buried is somewhere here in MI (you can tell how much attention I paid to this story) but I’ve heard it before.  I watched a History channel episode about it.  Frankly, I don’t believe they will ever find his body.  Basically this excursion was like Geraldo Raviera’s ill-fated live opening of Capone’s vault.  Holy cow, wasn’t THAT anti-climactic!

6.  A co-worker is using “My Fitness Pal” – have any of you ever used it?  I have dabbled in it but sometimes find the recording of everything I am eating tedious.  But I also know this is how results happen.  What about you?  Do you count?  Wing it?

7.  I’ve barely been on pinterest this week.  I know – scary.  Heck, I haven’t even been able to keep up on my blog reading!  The only reason I’ve been able to post is because I wrote half of my posts last weekend.  Why do we have to have jobs?!

8.  (yes, I did just click over to pinterst!)  My friend Katie pinned this article from Runners World about finding your perfect pace.  Katie and I are doing a 1/2 together in the fall – it will be her first one, YAY! so this is probably a good thing to know.  I am LOUSY at keeping a pace, then again, I’ve never really sought any advice on how to get there.

9.  The other day I set my alarm for an early time to try to get a run in before work.  I was typing and this is what happened

alarmI just kept it because it was funny!  Who doesn’t want rum at 6 am?!  And this is the Meagan I am referring to!

10.  I’ve been catching some Friend’s marathons and do any of you remember the episode, “Drink the Fat”?  It’s great.  Watch it!  The best part is all of these really are funny – I kind of forgot about that!

11.  Did you know that cuddling helps depression, relieves anxiety and boosts the immune system?  Pretty nifty, eh?

cuddling cats12.  I pinned this because I’ve been craving blueberry muffins and this was the first recipe they talked about .  I have no idea if these recipes are tasty or not so if you try them, let me know!

13.  I ordered my Pro Compression Red, White and Blue socks the other day!  I can’t wait!

14.  My family can attest to this – Sorry friends and family!  I think I am allergic to the phone!  (hmmm, this makes it sound like I DON’T want to friends or family – not true but I just love texting!)

text15.  And this just cracked me up!

funny dogI hope this is real!

Yay!  The weekend is here!

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