my brain is full

WARNING!  This post is going to have no order to it whatsoever.  Probably a lot like my 15 thing Friday post but perhaps a bit worse.

Alright, now that I have that PSA out of the way, here we go:

1)  I started using My Fitness Pal yesterday.  I know, on Friday I mentioned it seemed tedious and it wasn’t “my style”.  Well, obviously, my style isn’t working for me so I decided to give it a go.  Here’s the thing – this has two perks.  One it will help keep me on track.  Two, it will make sure I am getting enough nutrition for training.  I tend to nickel and dime away my calories on crap food that isn’t going to help my overall health and once again, I am giving this training some actual thought!  The crazy thing?  Yesterday I ate 200 calories over my allotted and I was surprised that in 5 weeks I would stay at the same weight.  Oh calories – you sneaky lil’ bitches!

2)  I love having women friends.  But sometimes women acquaintances are more than I can handle.  Why do we compete with each other?  Why does one have to have more male attention than the other?  This vexes me to no end considering I think it’s a serious waste of energy.  I typically just back down because it drives me bonkers.  I’m probably not going to win anyway.  But then I feel like a doormat.  Any suggestions?  I did find this quote helpful to put perspective on the “mean girl” aspect though (okay, why didn’t the mean girl thing stop after high school?!)

bitterness quote3)  I’m turning into a total baby with running in the heat.  Of course, I could get up early and do the miles when it doesn’t feel like I’m running on the surface of the sun but so far, I’ve liked my bed too much to do this on a regular basis.  But July isn’t here yet and July makes my curls look like I put my finger in an electrical outlet which also means running is going to get even more disgusting.  What do you do to get out on the pavement?

4)  You know the iced coffee recipe I posted the other day?  This has cut my calorie content of my dear favorite cup of joe considerably.  Before I think it was clocking in at a decent 275-350 range.  Now?  175!  I even tried to overestimate a bit just in case.  Considering this and the quickness factor, I am quite pleased with how this experiment turned out.

5)  I also mentioned last week I was going to try Borax as a cleaning aid.  I still haven’t yet but I can’t say the word “Borax” without some kind of really bad Russian accent (yep, just a peek into my brain!)

6)  Last week, my ADD post got some really amazing feedback.  I really appreciated the support and hearing others’ stories.  It wasn’t meant to be a depressing post – in fact, it really helps me to get a better understanding of myself.  Does this make sense?  Not to mention, one of my 2013 goals was to get a handle on my health and this really helps.  As LovingHomemade commented, even if I never get an actual diagnosis, simply learning new tricks that ACTUALLY work for me is a major breakthrough!

6a)  One trick that has already helped has been to ask myself, “how will I feel if I DON’T do this?”  I’m surprised at how asking this question gets me moving because suddenly I am accountable.  Heck, it even got me to the pool last week!

7)  I’m still working on my motivation wall.  Ironically, I want it to be perfect and all-encompassing.  Lame.  So after a movie with friends today I am going to

8)  5 miles on the docket tonight.  It was supposed to be done yesterday but the couch won.  As did picking up some summer essentials, talking to my dad and going grocery shopping.  I will have the mileage down for the week so that counts for something in my chaotic book!

il_340x270.453886314_6gadThere you go – some Sunday thoughts that have been rattling around in my brain.  I am currently wearing some shorts with little anchors on them and they are making me feel quite sassy!  Enjoy the rest of your day and try not to let the impending work week dull a delightful Sunday!

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