zombies scare me and running safety

Stick with me during this post – I promise there is a point!

On Sunday I went with friends to see “World War Z”.  I’m not sure this was the best idea for me considering I get frightened by scary movies.  But I was going with friends and NOT watching it on my own, I figured I would be alright.

I was wrong.

This movie scared the pants off me.  Not kidding, there were times when I was cowering in my seat.  And boy did I ever jump.  Apparently they also have this movie in 3D which would probably give me heart issues.  Anyway, I realized by the end of the movie I would not survive the zombie apocalypse.  I originally swore up and down that I would live through it whenever we would talk about it.  My thought was I would trade pieces of my stuff “hoard” for protection.  It was pointed out to me that unless I holed up in my apt, I wouldn’t be able to carry all of my belongings with me hence not having any goods to trade. Hmmm…

I am still determined to put my cookie cutters to use though.

it will be like this, only with cookie cutters!

Why is this relevant?  There are two definitions/types of toughness.

1) the mental toughness and determination that got me through 26.2 miles at the “happiest place on earth” (which believe me, during my misery the irony was not lost on me) with heat stroke and being severely undertrained.

one of the only pics where I don't look like I am dying
one of the only pics where I don’t look like I am dying

2)  Then the toughness that actually would aid in living through the zombie apocalypse or simply protecting myself in some kind of fist to cuffs situation.  Until recently, I believed this applied to me as well.

Throwback to last summer – I decided to walk home from a friend’s house at 11:15 at night, on my own in not the safest of neighborhoods.  Up until this moment I would tout my bravery and explain I had a plan.  Most of the time this plan involved outrunning the bad guy, stabbing them with my “switchblade” car key or some combination of laughing manaically/vomiting/urinating on myself in hopes that one of these would prove to be a deterrent to said bad guy.

On that walk home I quickly realized my stupidity.  This was a dumb move.  Running at 11 pm on a Saturday night was a dumb move.  Running in the dark with headphones was a dumb move.  Not being aware of my surroundings and allowing my bravado to inhibit safety precautions was a dumb move.  Much like depending on my hoard to get out the zombie apocalypse, all of these were delusions.

Thankfully, I have come to my senses this last year.  On the way home from the movie a person in the car asked me if I run in a not so great part of town.  I explained I didn’t and that I also had changed up my former route of running by the downtown bus station.  One of the guys in the car said, “that’s a smart idea”.  I realized this was a major step for me and a compliment.  I don’t want to live my life as a possible victim but I also don’t need to live my life as a potential victim.  My toughness isn’t questioned because I take precautions rather seen as intelligent and realistic.

The point of this post?  Well, there are several:

1) I may not make it out of the zombie apocalypse in one piece.  I did make my friends “promise” to keep me as their pet though if I were to change.

2) Being tough and being smart are NOT mutually exclusive.  They can go hand in hand and SHOULD.

3) A plan is still a good idea when it comes to running and/or staying safe but it should be a realistic one.

Hopefully, I was able to tie all of this together in a way that was slightly amusing but still serious(ish).  Don’t be the previous version of me!  Take precautions!  Look out for yourself and your fellow runners!

There you go – a PSA from me.  Oh and go see the movie, it’s a goodie!

even little food creatures have to deal with zombies!

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