15 thing friday – catching up

Guess what?  I am only 4 days away from (basically) being finished with my GIANT June work project.  I am thrilled.  It has been extremely time and mind consuming so being able to put some of it to rest will be a relief.  It’s been tough to blog this week because I’ve been mentally exhausted and my brain wasn’t functioning.  Thanks for sticking with me!

yep, just like this

Yesterday was supposed to be 15 thing Friday.  I have no idea if I will hit this number or not so the following will be an adventure for all of us.

1.  As I mentioned, I started using My Fitness Pal and have been recording this week.  I feel a bit wishy-washy about it currently but only because I am impatient and I feel if I have been at this smaller calorie count for a few days I should have already lost 10 pounds.  Or at least 5.  Right?!  The best part is it’s made me more aware of times when I mindlessly eat or think to myself, “oh, it’s only xxx amount of calories, I’m sure I haven’t eaten that much today.”

2.  I did read an article some time ago about how people who are “naturally skinny” stay this way.  One of the items mentioned was, these folks don’t think about food all the time.  During both my unhealthier times – either being overweight or underweight this played a major role.  Recently, it’s been an issue as well so I am working to relax this.

3.  I’m running a race next week!  It’s a 4th of July race called the Firecracker 5 miler.  I haven’t run a race since my ill-fated WDW marathon and I have a bit of race anxiety.  It’s a good thing I am doing it with Meagan or  chances are I would “accidentally”  over sleep!

masthead_new34.  Did anyone watch Extreme Weight loss this week?  It was a good episode and I was very impressed the guy learned to ride a bike even when it had been something he had NEVER done.  I also thought it was good they showed how when you don’t get ENOUGH nutrition your  body really suffers.  I’ve always wondered if people on these shows start to go overboard and I’m glad they didn’t simply cover this up.

5.  Did anyone ever watch the show “Eco-Challenge” by Mark Burnett?  It was an extreme adventure race show before there was anything like it on tv.  It was INCREDIBLE and a lot more real than anything that is on right now.  I’m trying to find it on Netflix or Amazon.  If anyone knows where I can find these (and not on VHS as wikipedia suggested) I would really appreciate it.  So inspiring!

I used to think I could train enough to do something like this… I was wrong!

6.  The other day I was struggling during my run.  I started saying the mantra “Forget about pace, focus on form”.  It fit the beat of my footsteps and helped me to keep going when I wanted to walk.  It was nasty humid/hot so this helped take my mind off of it as well.  Turns out this worked again last night.  Gets my head in the game!

7.  I saw someone wearing velvet leggings yesterday.  I would never wear these.  At least not as pants without some kind of dress or tunic.

these “pants” just didn’t look right… especially on a 80* something degree day. I know, I’m being very judgy

8.  I was SO close to convincing myself that sweats were work-appropriate yesterday.  That should be an indication of my week.  Get it together Aim!

9.  Where are you at with the whole making your laundry detergent trend?  I am intrigued.  I do know they say it’s under $3 per load but you do have to buy all of the stuff in the beginning.  I haven’t decided yet.  There are a ton of recipes out there and I chose this one at random.  OR I will buy everything to make and then never do it.  That sounds more like me.

9.5.  Also this site, MyMerryMessyLife.com has some awesome tips and recipes for going green!

10.  Read this.  Vinegar is essentially a miracle worker.  It can do anything and everything.  I use it quite a bit but I will continue to broaden my own horizons.  It came from this buzzfeed (oh how I love buzzfeed!)

11.  I can’t stop looking at the “animals” page on pinterest.  Actually, I look at it right before I  go to bed since I am so prone to nightmares.  It has helped.

who could have nightmares with all this cuteness
who could have nightmares with all this cuteness

12.  I really enjoy torturing my cat’s mind.  I like to feed the squirrels and chipmunks right outside of my apt door and Simon just sits and the door and concentrates – he wants it open so badly.  It cracks me up!

13.  Sometimes this is so stinkin’ true!

cookie monster14.  Have you heard of the Zombie app that helps you get motivated to run?  I read about it in the comments on Kara’s blog, It’s a Dog Lick Baby World.  I read up on the description and first of all it’s $3.99.  Second, it’s a sort of game where you listen to the zombies trying to catch you through your headphones as they are trying to kill you.  Hmm… too much immersion for me but maybe it would be fun for others?

15.  (Hey!  I made it!)  how delicious does this look?

homemade "ice cream"I found this through pinterest and this woman’s site.  It comes rawfoodnation.org, however, I couldn’t get a link to work or a page to load.  Maybe someone else can help me out with info on this site?

Restin’ up this Saturday!

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