oh love life, how you vex me!

I kind of like writing about life stuff on Sundays.  HA!  Who am I kidding – I never know what I am going to write about from one day to the next!  Today I am going to talk about my love life.

online datingMy love life debacle – here is the perfect picture that describes it:

this is a frog prince I got from someone.  he is trapped in my couch cushions.  apparently my man is somewhere trapped...
this is a frog prince I got from someone. he is trapped in my couch cushions. apparently my man is somewhere trapped…

As I mentioned a while ago, I joined match.com to attempt to find my “match”.  So far, this has been a dud.  I’ve been pursued by men who look like they have women trapped in their basements

By men who have completely nude pictures in their files, really bad pick up lines, men who don’t want kids even though my profile explicitly says I do and men who seem to just want to get me in the sack.  It has been a disappointing experience.  OR even worse, who seem to have a bit of potential but the moment I write back never talk to me again.  Lovely ego boost.

online dating 2The other problem is with me.  I really felt this would be a good thing.  I felt like I was making headway in my (apparent) commitment issues – I always seem to go for the unattainable men and I thought this would actually be successful.  Instead it’s been a waste of money.  I should have simply put this money in the bank under an account labeled “money to freeze my eggs”.

The final problem (again with me) is I am comparing these men to men in my own life who I am attracted to.  I recognize this isn’t fair.  I’ve had time to get to know these guys and build a rapport as well as an attraction too.  To experience that “spark” in real life is much better than trying to see if there could be one over a computer monitor.  I know this but despite my efforts to push this aside and give others a chance, I don’t seem to be able to make this happen.  Maybe I am old-fashioned, maybe I can’t pull my head out of my hiney and maybe I am just not cut out for on-line dating.

online dating 3I won’t be renewing my account with match once it’s up.  Possibly eharmony at some point?  I don’t know.  Meanwhile my friends are making big strides in their own relationships and/or popping out babies.  To say this makes me feel behind is an understatement!

I do find the humor in all of this.  Getting a message from a guy that says, “I know where that picture was taken” is both creepy and funny.  But realizing something isn’t working is also important.  I’m known for my propensity for poor timing and this is definitely the current scenario.  I also think taking a break will make me feel better about myself – maybe even refocus some of this energy on other things.  Or maybe I am simply applying some salve on my damaged ego!  Either way, I’ve never been good at this dating business so I need a break.

On a brighter note, I was supposed to run yesterday but just couldn’t muster the motivation.  Instead I ventured out on a 4.5 mile walk at a brisk pace.  I was happy I made it off the couch and the fresh air aided in some really restful sleep!  Look at me – glass half full!



5 thoughts on “oh love life, how you vex me!

  1. Maybe a break is a great idea! Life is really about enjoying yourself. And if dating (online or otherwise) isn’t enjoyable then quit. I know that you see it as a means to an end. But maybe it’s just not the right “means”. At least for now. :)

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