kickin’ it goals style – july edition

*I wrote this yesterday and forgot to hit publish – go figure

It’s been another long week at work and yes, I do realize it’s only Tuesday.  Thankfully for the 4th on Thursday and then I am taking Friday off so essentially, I only have one more day until the weekend.  It couldn’t come at a better time!

I will say, despite some of the work stress, I am dealing with it much better than I was when working through stress a month ago.  I am still not finding solace in a run or other work out but only because I’m struggling with the motivation to get out there and get it done when feeling this way.  It will happen.

Anyway, GOALS!  Some of my June goals are carrying over to July either because I didn’t do very well holding them up or they have been beneficial but still not quite habitual.  Without further ado:

1.  No more naps – this was a June goal:  this went better than I expected.  I tried hard but usually had one day where I gave in and cuddled with Simon.  On the couch.  With my eyes closed, for about an hour!  So this one is carrying over to July as well.

2.  Get my health in order – June goal – ACCOMPLISHED!  I’ve rounded out all but one doctor’s appointment and I’m feeling so much better.  I had an appointment yesterday and my doctor said, “I am so happy to see you smiling!”  Two thumbs up friends!  This might be the best goal I met!

3.  Go to bed early – NEW goal!  I started doing this a couple of times per week recently and was shocked by how much better I felt during the day.  I’ve always been a nightowl so my bedtime can be anywhere from midnight to 1 am.  Then I was trying to go bed “early” and hitting 11:45 pm.  Now, I’m working on being in bed by 10:15ish – which will help with #2!

4.  Continue with My Fitness Pal – new goal!  I’ve been doing this for a tad over a week now.  It’s definitely going better than it was in the beginning.  I was really frustrated at first as I mentioned but I am happy I stuck with it.  I need to get over the “this is kind of annoying” part.  I’ve noticed I’m not wasting calories when I am bored and drinking a lot more water.  Today, I totally ate my feelings!  But it wasn’t nearly to the degree I’ve done in the last few months so I’m recognizing it for what it is and I made different decisions for dinner.  Again, at first I felt some pressure and now I am remembering when eating this way was more of a lifestyle, which is what I am aiming for.  Also, two of my co-workers are doing it to and I have found this to be very helpful.

5.  Getting up early to work out twice a week – June goal:  Nope – not even going to try and butter this one up!  I did it once!  So pushing this one into July.  However, I did have to be up an hour earlier for work everyday for the whole month.  Since I no longer need to do this work-wise, I have started to get in the habit.  I’m going to use this in my favor.

6.  Dopey Training – June/July goal – this will be a goal every month.  I did okay in June and am doing better with following the plan now.  Haha, following a plan is tough for me so every bit of progress is a win for me!

7.  More cooking – July goal – I’ve been totally half-assing any sort of cooking lately!  I want to make sure I focus on this a little bit more so I don’t end up only eating eggs, a fat free hotdog and nutrigran eggo waffles with peanut butter.  Otherwise, this will just be a diet.

Other things I am keeping up with that I changed in June are making my own ice coffee – super delish, so much cheaper and better for me.  Getting up and down more at work – get this, I even go talk to someone down the hall rather than e-mailing them!  Haha, yes, this does happen sometimes!  Finally working on new and better stragtigies to work with my ADD.  I’m asking for help with organization and motivation.  I’m setting some deadlines and focusing on smaller things at a time.  And I am embracing my strengths rather than comparing them to my weaknesses.  Baby steps but positive steps!

I might be forgetting something so I might add a thing or two.  I’m happy with this list though and it feels achieveable!  Yay!

I know – horrible show and this is just so ridiculous – but does show how determined I am!

4 thoughts on “kickin’ it goals style – july edition

  1. Ummm, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see an Amy gif doing the toddlers & tiaras move please….this would make me REALLY believe that you’re going for the gold with these goals!! =)


  2. Staying up late for me is 10:15! Even on the weekends I have to go to bed early. I have to get my else or else everyone around me will suffer. :-)

    Great job with your goals in June. I know that when you are used to taking naps all the time it can be hard to break. Maybe going to sleep earlier will help with that.

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