15 thing friday – spoiler alert, there are only 12

Happy 4th!  Happy Friday!  Happy day off to me!  Hopefully, I’m not rubbing it in at all but I am pretty excited to have the day off.  I’ve come up with a few things for this lovely Friday…

1.  My treadmill is getting fixed TODAY!  The guy should be here between 1 and 5 pm (yeah, I know – nifty window, eh?) and I can’t wait.  I had to clean a bunch of crap up so he could get in there, which is also a good thing.  Oh and now there will be no excuses.  Hmmm – kinda scary!

2.  Yesterday I completed my first race since the WDW marathon!  I was nervous but lucky enough to have Meagan along for the ride!  Good thing too, or a) I would most likely wold have “slept in” and/or b) walked during the race.  Thankfully I did neither.  I’ll do a recap but it was so nice to push many of my doubts aside!  Thanks Meagan!

3.  Sleep has been difficult to come by as of late.  I thought I wanted this

this makes it so your pillow stays cold the whole night
this makes it so your pillow stays cold the whole night

But turns out some reviewers said it emits some toxic fumes.  Great.  I don’t want my lovely cold pillow with a side of cancer so I am thinking this one is out.

4.  Then there is this.  Seriously – who is buying this?  This “creature” sings when you come near it and jerks its head.  Oh, I am sure this isn’t annoying at all!  Not to mention, it’s sold under the guise of buying someone you care about a friend for them TO TALK TOO!  What the heck?!  It isn’t REAL!

this is "perfect polly" the fake singing parakeet.  freaky
this is “perfect polly” the fake singing parakeet. freaky

5.  Yesterday I headed out to dinner with some friends and I had the best burger!  It had guacamole, pepper jack cheese and pico de gallo – so good!  I ate half the burger and the fries which meant I even stayed on point with my calorie counts.  This wouldn’t have stopped me anyway but hey, it was a nice bonus.

6.  I’ve been reading a bunch of running articles lately (if you couldn’t tell by the number of links).  Makes me feel better prepared.  I found one recently but it said what I’ve read in a bunch of other articles.  It was about endurance and how to build it.  Ultimately, there is no fast way to build endurance, which is a shame really!

7.  I like to think this is completely on point:

stay up late8.  I wore my new Pro Compression red, white and blue socks yesterday for the run!  As I’ve mentioned, Pro Compression are my favorite socks and I really enjoyed rockin’ some pride!  One little girl came up and told me she liked my socks – made my day!

not my leg but you get the point!

9.  I saw this on pinterest and it caught my attention.  It’s an article talking about how the price of healthy foods really aren’t that much more expensive than less healthy foods.  It’s interesting.  It was written in 2010 and there are prices that have clearly changed.  However, I still like the message.  A couple of weeks ago, a friend on facebook talked about how expensive it is to eat healthy and how it’s not fair.  Some of this I will concede to – she was talking about how she was buying everything organic, which I do not do.  What I like about this article is it’s simple and really shows how ONE dinner out could equal a few meals.  In one of my sociology classes in undergrad, we were talking about how there are organizations who help teach people living with little money how to still eat healthy.  It comes down to being able to see the bigger picture and how plan meals.  This also isn’t just for families who live under or near the poverty level.  Meal planning is a skill!

10.  I’m crazy for this Amish peanut butter.  At a pool party last week, the hosts/friends heard me say how much I love peanut butter and said I needed to try this.  They were SO right!  Yum!  Not to mention, it has a less calorie count per serving than regular peanut butter.  Now I have to make my way to the Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana, IN.  Lucky for me, this isn’t too far away because shipping online is not cheap.

eat this!
eat this!

11.  I saw this on facebook this morning on the CLICK page – bravo

coffee12.  Okay, that’s all I got for this week – I was trying to think of something else but it’s no use.  I used up all of my good brains earlier in the week.  Enjoy your Friday!

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