yep – a decent title escapes me

I seem to be stuck in a not so great cycle.  I run a few days and then take a few days off.  Ultimately, I recognize that I am still in fact running but I want to actually follow my training plan not simply loosey-goosey style the whole thing.  MUST CONCENTRATE!

When I was talking to my dad this past weekend, he told me about how he wants to bike to my sister’s house and back.  Round trip, this is about 30 miles.  I told him this was awesome and then for some reason, I kept talking.  I mean, why didn’t I stop?  What came over me?  What was I thinking?!

I told my dad I would run out to my sisters as he biked.

I am a dodo bird.

I won’t be running back – just the out portion but still this is going to be tough.  I already told him it is going to be a bit slow moving but I actually am excited.  I am looking forward to spending this time with him along with meeting this challenge.  Of course this means I need to STICK TO MY DAMN training plan!  Oy vey!  Also, my dad is going to make nachos for all of us that night for dinner so essentially, I will have some super yummy refueling to enjoy after.

Guess what – my treadmill is actually fixed.  Trust me, I am as shocked as all of you are.  When they didn’t show up last Friday I might have thrown a tantrum.  Having it fixed yesterday is inconvienent but thankfully I have friends willing to help me out with the logistics.  I had to juggle work, an eye appointment and the fix-it guy who waits for NO man or woman.  One phone call (with no message and no response when I called back) and he was OOUUUUUTTTT.  Annoying.

The treadmill is now ready for it’s second maiden voyage.  I want to be just like It’s a Dog Lick Baby World – Kara is very inspiring and can put the miles away.  Naturally, while it’s fixed enough to use, it still likes to stop and not start back up sometimes.  So more parts have been ordered and one more appointment is in the books.  The guy asked me about the other guy, I told him he didn’t show up.  The guy said, “oh yeah, that’s Frank.  He didn’t want to come – I am not surprised.”  Hmm… I am going to egg Frank’s car…

One other bit of odd info?  On pinterest there are a couple of pins that use Disney characters to define your zodiac sign and your Meyer’s-Briggs personality results.  Meyer’s-Briggs is a short questionaire that can help you define your personality strengths and weaknesses to better work with other individuals.  Well, as an Aquarius and an ENFP BOTH of my Disney characters lined up!

Yep, Ariel.  Do you think it’s just a concidence she is also the hoarder of the Disney world?!  Yeah… I don’t think so either!

I’m beginning to wonder if this post had a  real point… Based on the content above, I think not.  But this is par for the course with me!

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