15 thing friday friends

1.  Yesterday I had a kickin’ piece of pie.  My supervisor is often FLABBERGASTED by the number of foods I have not had.  I am not sure how this has happened considering I don’t mind trying new things.  I had my first coconut cream pie yesterday!  Oh my – so delish!  I still haven’t tried blueberry pie, pecan pie and a quite a large number of other tasty goodies.  It’s a fun list to tackle!  (Oh and no picture because I ate it quite quickly)

2.  Alright – so I am excited about this next ditty.  The other day one of the things I pinned was on one of the “national” boards.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I’m famous!  Okay, not really but I did take a picture

weird octopi eggsThat’s my name under there!

3.  Here is what I pinned, in case you couldn’t see it above.  How odd does this look?!  It looks like a bunch of aliens, I tell ya, not octupi!

octupi eggs4.  Finally got some contacts this week!  Yay!  I don’t know how people work out in glasses.  This didn’t work for me at all.

5.  See this thing?

yellow springI am working in a different part of the office at work right now to be able to answer more and more questions.  This spring/wire thing is super great for my fidgety self.  I found it randomly at the desk I’m sitting in and I love it – can’t stop playing with it.

6.  Click on this buzzfeed.  I laughed out loud one night this week when I couldn’t sleep.  Oh baby goats – you little rascals!

baby goat7.  I went to a really interesting meeting yesterday for work that was all about construction and building a new structure.  Holy cow – engineers really know what they are doing.  No wonder those classes are so tough.  Seriously, their jobs are no jokes.  While I can’t necessarily explain what I learned yesterday, I did start to grasp some interesting concepts.  Yes, this is a bit vague but I don’t remember any technical terms and was just referring to everything as “you know, that pipe for the water and the pipe for the electricity and pipe for the gas”.  I’m totally brill.

8.  Did any of you watch the Extreme Weight Loss episode this week?  I know I mentioned this show last week but THIS week the show was even better!  First of all, she was in a similar field that I am.  It’s very common to put the needs of others before personal needs especially in our field.  The second part was the focus on fitness.  The woman started cutting calories, as in 400 PER DAY!  Chris revamped her training by taking away the weight loss goals and focusing on her actual fitness accomplishments/improvements.  I loved it.

9.  MOJO’s!!  Anyone else familiar with these?  They are from Shakey’s pizza and I was lucky enough to have one in my hometown when growing up.  Mojo’s are freakin’ awesome.  The are potatoes sliced (but not super thin), coated in a spice and then (I think) deep-fried.  When you went to Shakey’s, you ALWAYS got mojo’s and they are beyond tasty.  Sad day – there isn’t one anywhere near me.  Somehow someone reminded me of these yesterday and now I want one!

10.  I saw these and might have clapped… maybe…

cat trexand this one too…

why can't Simon learn to do this?
trex cat in real life!  why can’t Simon learn to do this?

11.  Yes… I did spend a wee bit of time on pinterest this week… anyway, I saw this idea where you put the amount of money in the jar that corresponds with the week.  Week one of the year, you add $1 and so forth.  So by week 52 you are putting in $52 smackers in the jar.  The total comes to roughly $1.300!  How cool is that?  Money for Disney World in Jan?  Pay off a bill at the end?  Who knows but think it’s a nifty idea.  Here is the blog post and there is a printable in there too.

12.  Earlier this week I joined a new get-fit challenge.  I am already part of a diet bet with a bunch of other women online and I thought maybe another challenge would be helpful.  I was wrong.  I have since dropped out of both the new challenge and the diet bet.  Both were causing some anxiety because I didn’t feel I was doing a good job and letting people down.  It was a good decision for me and ordinarily, I would have sucked it up and kept doing it albeit half-assing it the whole time.  I also would have built more and more anxiety around them both.  I’m really happy I realized this and took some action.  I feel much better!

13.  I really wish this wasn’t so true for me!

problems14.  I fixed my own tub this week!  The stupid drain gets stopped up a lot.  It’s really annoying.  I kept forgetting to put in a work order to have it fixed and one morning I realized I should try plunging it.  So I did and it worked!  I still need maintenance to come and fix it all the way but it’s draining pretty well!  I’m proud!

15.  This is a great article!  I saw it on facebook this morning and #4 and # 5 are my favorites.  There is just some solid advice!

2 thoughts on “15 thing friday friends

  1. Oh Amy if you are ever if the Sea-Tac/Southcenter area let me know and I will take you to Shakeys to get some MoJo’s. I was so happy that I was able to introduced my nephews to them we have a Shakeys(that delivers) less than 5 minutes away

    • OH YUM! You are so lucky to have them close by! Remember when they were in PA when we were young? I loved watching them make the pizza. I will keep this in mind – do you think they would deliver to the airport?! ;)

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