thelma has got some moves!

Sometimes writing a coherent post is hard.  Writing one that doesn’t look like a game of Jenga after it has fallen is even harder… at least for me!

this is some foreshadowing of this post

I have been living in weather luxury.  Last summer was HOT!  And sticky gross.  I was really hoping this summer would prove to be different and thankfully so far it has been.  I’m not kidding.  While there’s been some hotsy-totsy days there hasn’t been a streak of them.

Until this week.

I get it – we are due.  I am really hoping this is a one week and done kind of thing but I’m guessing this won’t happen.  Maybe we used up all of our luck?  Thankfully, next week I will be in WA so it will be a weather reward after making it through this week!  Oh and trust me, has a person with curly hair, this is NOT the week to wear it down!  I looked like a frizzy fuzz ball today!

By the way, I love talking about the weather!  Not to mention, I am SO happy my treadmill is fixed!  It’s positioned right in front of an AC unit… haha, I know, I’m a bit spoiled!

how did I NOT know this existed?! this is officially my “happy dance”

Another little ditty for this week… they have to shut the hot water off in my building (and a couple of others).  This is a pain in the neck.  A first world pain in the neck but still a total hassle.  Thankfully, I have access to some showers per a friend rather than having go to the local gym like others.

In other news, Meagan gave me a few Women’s Running magazines to read (I had to promise to toss them when I was done reading!).  The first one I picked up talked all about how to be a faster and stronger runner.  And can you guess which muscle they suggested strengthening?

If you guessed the brain you would be correct!

The article focused on an interview with a sports psychologist, JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D and the effect our mind has on our performance.  It was a GREAT article with some very helpful suggestions.  Essentially, the voice in our heads saying we are not strong enough, fast enough, good enough is what is holding us back.  In order to knock this voice to the curb runners need to build confidence.  (Why does confidence control so much of our lives?!)  Again, there was some really helpful and to the point info in this short article (here it is again!).

Last but not least, read this comic from The Oatmeal.  I fell in love a little bit!

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