I divorced the scale

The scale and I were in a relationship for the last 9 years.

At first this was a good relationship.  We cared for each other.  I would spend time with the scale on a daily basis and the numbers on the scale started dropping and kept going.  The scale and I celebrated weight loss together and things were great between us!

After the scale betrayed me early on, I decided to start running and then we got better.  Essentially, it was like when you are dating someone and you put all of your energy into that person.  This can be smothering – poor scale!  Running definitely improved our relationship.

However, the last two years the scale and I started drifting apart.  We took a trial separation since I figured neither one of us was happy and maybe some time apart was what we needed.  But I went back – I kept wondering what the scale was up to and it looked so lonely sitting there all by itself.  So we got back together.

Turns out getting back together wasn’t the best decision.  Our relationship was overpowering and the scale seemed to have so much control over me!  Did the scale say something I didn’t like?  Then the day started out on a downer.  The scale was so negative!  Seriously, it was a big jerk!  I worked harder and the scale just mocked me.  It got to a point where I dreaded spending time with the scale every morning as it increased my anxiety.  The scale made me want to give up on trying to get healthier alltogether.

Last Wednesday the scale and I divorced.  Three days later, I kicked the scale out of the apartment.  At first, I missed the scale – we were together for so long!  We had started to depend on each other too much – was I going to have a good day or bad day?  Since the numbers weren’t really moving, were my healthier habits completely in vain?  I was so dependant on the scale that I started believe the numbers were the only things that mattered.

It’s been a week.  I feel so much better – emotionally and mentally!  It was no way to start a day!  Not to mention, all of that mental and emotional energy was being wasted!  So, I’ve started to move my concentration to better nutrition (still counting calories) and actual fitness.  It’s been an interesting transition especially considering how long I’ve weighed myself everyday.  I don’t want to turn to disordered eating habits and for me personally, the scale starts to push these buttons for me.

I don’t think the scale and I can be friends after this break up.  A friendship would simply bring us back together so this relationship is officially over.  In all honesty, it’s for the best!

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