pride in ridiculous things

There are times when I am incredibly proud of myself for really silly things.  Or maybe a better word is mundane things.  I haven’t saved a puppy from some sort of life threatening experience.  I’ve never run a 4 hour marathon.  I can’t leap buildings in a single bound.  Nevertheless I am very proud of the following:

Exhibit A

Since I don’t currently have hot water I am using a shower that belongs to a friend who isn’t currently home.  They didn’t have a shower curtain (long story) and yesterday I only had time to drape the shower curtain over the rod.  This was a fairly ineffective way to keep water in the tub!  This morning I had a brilliant idea – it sort of came to me in my sleep:

shower curtainta-da!

Exhibit B

Right now, any time I go running

Exhibit C

I haven’t been able to open documents in my office for the entire summer from my e-mail account.  Truthfully, this has been a maddening problem.  I’ve had IT up there multiple times and each time either my account or computer have been diagnosed with a different ailment.  Today I decided to open my e-mail through Firefox.  Magically fixed!  I’m the Queen of the World!

Exhibit D

I have cut my morning routine down to 35 minutes.  Considering it used to be a solid hour, I am quite pleased with this time-saving change.  Even more importantly I’ve managed to cut my shower time from 20 minutes to UNDER 10!  Now, if I need to shave my legs it boosts it up to about 12 – but seriously!  I have been taking long showers FOR-E-VER!  I really do feel this is an accomplishment to not only document but to shout from the rooftops.

Exhibit E

Dwindling down my belongings.  Clearly I am proud of this considering I’ve already written at least two posts about this.  I have been a keeper of ALL THE THINGS for a while now (probably my whole life if I think about it) so these are major strides for me.  It’s also a huge step in embracing my anxiety and finding different ways to cope with it.  Big win!

this was sitting in the main office at work - faded, to be thrown out beach pictures.  I almost grabbed them to take home for some kind of project.  thankfully, I stopped myself but it was a close call
this was sitting in the main office at work – faded, to be thrown out beach pictures. I almost grabbed them to take home for some kind of project. thankfully, I stopped myself but it was a close call

Exhibit F

The (scale) divorce.  I realize I just wrote about this yesterday but I am not kidding when I say I almost went back to my scale-loving ways this morning.  It was so odd.  I fed Simon and my normal routine was to then hop on the scale (with a doom-like attitude).  I was headed that way with this thought in my mind and I had to remind myself our relationship was over for good reason.  I like to refer to this as a proverbial booty-call.  That I completely dodged it – go me!

Exhibit G

I may have mentioned this one earlier but my tub drain was clogged.  We are not allowed to use Draino or anything along these lines because it isn’t good for the pipes in my complex.  The slow drain was becoming more and more of an issue and I kept forgetting to turn in a work order.  Again – the light bulb went off and I plunged the hell out of that sucker.  The result?  Much better drainage!  YaY!

That’s probably it for now… I would categorize some of these as actually embracing my adulthood but I am guessing adulthood is more than figuring out how to rig a shower curtain with hangers.  I do kind of like my version of adulthood though.  It’s full of quirky moments and being able to think outside the box.  I see challenges and ways to solve them in a unique way that has helped me in all facets of life – not to mention make it very entertaining!  So I’m sticking with this for now!


What about you?  What’s your version of adulthood?  What are you ridiculously proud of that others may scoff at?

2 thoughts on “pride in ridiculous things

  1. Can I join your version of adulthood? Much better than my current ‘adult’ things, such as finding health insurance, paying bills, and figuring out how to switch the title over on the lovely minivan that I drive these days! Also, I can only imagine how many emails you had in your inbox when you could finally access it! Yikes!

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