15 thing friday – the hot and humid version

Yippeee!  It’s the weekend eve!  ***I wrote most of this yesterday.  When I got home I watched some X-Files (got back into this!) and then went for a hot and humid run.  I went earlier than normal since I was headed out for a bit last evening.  One word of advice – don’t watch X-Files before heading out for an evening run!  Also, I am working really hard to break my hermit ways.  Or at least take some steps!


1)  Last night (Thursday) was probably one of the sweatest runs I’ve had in a while.  My treadmill is broken AGAIN!  I was all ready for a sort of comfy run in lots of air conditioning and then BOOM – no treadmill.  I wanted to bag it for the night and then some sort of motivation came over me and I headed out.  With the heat index it was 92*.  I eeked out 3.75 miles and was proud.

2)  Some rules to live by?  Or maybe just good advice?  You can choose:

5853ceb3b6a1d73c38b3caff17aad5a23)  Anyone else use My Fitness Pal?  The best part about it is you can add your exercise in and suddenly your calories for the day jump to a much more satisfying number.  Sometimes I even do it before I actually work out simply because it’s fun.  If you are on it, do you follow other people?

4)  I asked Meagan for a pep talk yesterday and here is what I got:

“You WANT this! You KNOW you want this! You also knew it was gonna be hard. THIS is the hard part… reminding yourself that, even when you don’t want to, you gotta give it your all! Get out there! Remember– it doesn’t matter how slow you go… you’re still lapping everyone on the couch. But, you GOTTA get up and go. You gotta go! RUN, AMY, RUN! You can do it!!! You KNOW you can do it! I KNOW you can do it. Now, you just gotta DO IT. GO DO IT! GO, AMY, GO! Just give yourself NO option. Like going to work in the morning. You don’t get to just not go. It’s work. Now, training is work. You just HAVE to go. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. You just have to do it. DO IT, AMY! If you want this– and I KNOW you do– then you just have to do it. NO excuses. It’s no longer an option. You just HAVE to. Only look at 1 week at a time. 1 workout at a time, if needed. That’ll help w/ not getting overwhelmed. Now, just DO IT. YOU CAN DO IT! I know you can! 1 day at a time! GO GERMY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

M is fantastic at following a training plan so I needed some of this mojo – thanks M!

5)  I am highly disturbed by this baby shower themed cake – ummm… WTF?

weird baby cake6)  I am completely addicted to giving the “thumbs up”.  I have no idea why!  I started using it as a joke and now I can’t stop.  It’s like a tick that I hardly even recognize I am doing anymore.  Aspects of it are fun but other times it makes me look like a giant doofus!

7)  Any of you ever seen the site, dafont.com?  It’s great!  There are a massive number of different fonts.  I typed up some words and quotes for my motivation wall in the Disney font and it’s pretty cute.  You can download the font or you can do this magic trick that involves copy, pasting and using the “paint” function.  I don’t remember the exact order of these operations as I had a youngster teach/do it for me.  Nope, that didn’t make me feel old at all.

8)  Here are a few good article links:  The first one is about running in the heat.  Oh and what the heck is up with those folks who are running between noon-3 pm?  Don’t they realize how freakin’ hot it is?  Are they training for a run in the Badlands?  It disturbs me on so many levels.  The second one is about losing weight while training for a marathon (but I am guessing it would work for a 1/2 marathon or a longer distance as well) if you are looking for some advice.

9)  I love this sentiment

run meme10)  This made me laugh SO hard!

the oatmeal – I am infatuated with him and his writing!

11)  My brother-in-law posted in this on my facebook – my family knows me so well!

trex lights12)  Did you know the Honey Boo Boo show had a “watch ‘n’ sniff” episode?!  Why???  This show drives me bonkers.  I feel it’s really demeaning and is making fun of this family.  I realize they maybe laughing at the viewers all the way to the bank but still I just don’t get it.

13)  Try this – it’s fantastic

very tasty

13)  Looking for a great swim work out?  I found this on pinterst (surprise!) and I am going to try it this Monday.

14)  Two yummy new snacks:  Chobani Orange and Vanilla yogurt and Emerald Vanilla Roasted Almonds

15)  Last but not least some yummy recipes – they are all paleo breakfast ideas/recipes.  I’m working on eating more solid breakfasts and considering I burn through carbs  in what feels like minutes!

Happy Weekend – hope it’s a good one!

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