silly things that annoy me

This is  a really dumb list.  Kara from It’s a Dog Lick Baby World writes a much smarter list than I am about to and she did it before I did.  Also, it’s silly to whine about things that are very inconsequential when we have much larger issues in our society to discuss.

But I am going to do it anyway.

Silly things that annoy me:

1.  I love pinterest – a lot.  But there are times when people write a caption under a pin and it says, “This changed my life!”  And it’s under different ways to use coffee filters.  REALLY?!  This changed your life?  I know we live in a society where “epic” has lost all meaning but why must we continue to top ourselves?  For me, life changing events have been when I started running, when my mom passed away, when I got a promotion, when I started eating breakfast – these changed my life.  So people, let’s dial it down a notch!

2.  When at a stoplight and people stop one or two car lengths behind the person in front of them.  WHY?  Then they inch forward so there is a car length in front of me and I look like the jerk.  I don’t get this and it happens here in MI, A LOT!

3.  When people yell or honk at runners.  The thing is, sometimes getting out there is hard enough – can you tell this happened to me last night?  Then to have to deal with honkers who just like watching you jump (and then laughing about it) or those that yell at you as you are sweating your ass off and trying to improve your health.  Runners, we need to unite!  Or at least get tasers…

4.  Diet pill advertisements in fitness magazines.  First there are tons of articles on how to lose weight the healthy way, or loving your body then there are ads about hoodia or lose “20lbs in 5 hours!”.  I know we have a ton of mixed messages in our society but I feel this is a simple fix.  Are these magazines really hurting that badly for these funds?  Maybe in the digital age but I would rather either a) pay more for the magazine or b) have a thinner magazine.  Not to mention at this point I don’t buy them at all.

5.  Bloggers who either talk about how fat they are or how MUCH they ate today so they had better run 20 miles to run it off.  Then they show pics of what they ate and it’s two pieces of lettuce or something ridiculous.  Yes, I am exaggerating and this is going against what I whined about in #1 but bloggers who do this are being very irresponsible in my opinion.  I’ve stopped reading some blogs simply because they started making me wonder if I too, should run 20 miles to burn off some lettuce.

6.  Music base.  This is a dumb one for sure but when cars crank their base up so loud and it is distorting the music and shaking MY car.  Does the music actually sound good in the car?  I don’t understand this and it drives me bonkers.

7.  Men who are confusing as all get out!  Haha, okay so this is entirely a personal problem (although I am guessing other women get to share in my frustration) but why is it so hard for men to recognize what they are feeling and act on it?  Don’t they see how life would be improved (or at least more entertaining)?  Holding emotions in is never a healthy thing and I wish I could help men acknowledge this.  Oh and massively mixed signals – I am lousy at taking a hint and/or playing games.  I know it’s partly that men supposedly like to “pursue” but how are we supposed to know when being confident carries over into being easy to get?  I’m not talking in the sexual sense simply the initial, “hey I like you – want to go out?” phase.  Please, if anyone understands this or knows of a way around it, let me know!  Advice please!

That’s all I shall whine about today!

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