lots o’ running

This is an all running post, FYI.  As I mentioned, Thursday was a sweaty run.  I also mentioned that my hot water was out all last week.  I got back about 9:45 pm and REALLY didn’t feel like walking to the other apt to take a shower.  Since I was so hot I thought I could take a quick lukewarm shower and be good.  Oh no, that water was ICE COLD!  What is a lazy, disgusting runner to do?

Yep, you guessed it, a “baby” wipe shower.  Now, I did use these when I did Ragnar last year but during those switch ups it was fast and I didn’t have much time.  So as much as other runners and bloggers rave about them, I wasn’t completely convinced.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I washed my face like a normal person and then took to the baby wipes.  Btw – why do people buy different wipes?  Are baby wipes okay?

Sure I felt gross in the morning but I was able to fall asleep.  It was good enough!

Friday night it was another non-runner friendly eve in the weather dept.  I ran 2 miles (faster than I did the night before, which surprised me) and then ended up walking the other 2 miles.  I mixed the run walking for all of them but the last 1.5 where I walked it completely.  This tactic really did help me keep running in the heat.  Those experts really know their stuff.

I know a play-by-play of my weekend o’ running are fantastically interesting.  For the record, I ran Saturday night and Sunday night.  Thankfully, we had a cold front move in and the weather was much more pleasurable.  Not to mention, I could start earlier than 8:45 and not have to worry as much about scary people trying to get me.  I do want to transition a bit here.  Last week I read The Oatmeal cartoon titled “The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances”


I would say this and my pep talk from Meagan helped to remind me why I run.  Every so often I write these posts about being reminded because honestly I need them.  I get very caught up in wanting to be my best runner self and often get derailed because I am so impatient.  So I run, get frustrated and don’t run.  Then two or three days later I complete this lame cycle again.

The last page of the cartoon was like a “oh yeah!” moment.  Most likely because I too, am a very self-aware person (read over-analyzer to the extreme) and running DOES help this – when I give it a chance.  Yesterday, I spent all morning going over the same thing in my head.  From that point, I deduced I was doomed to spend the rest of my life alone.  Yep, not over dramatic at all.

no, this isn’t a hint to tell me I won’t – it just expressed my point quite well!

Then I went running.  I know all of the scientific information about endorphins and know this was part of why I felt better when I got home.  But it was more than that – I felt lighter and a bit better on the forever-alone issue.  No, running didn’t solve all of my problems but I felt more powerful than I did before I left.  Not to mention, even when I do try and “solve” all of my issues, most of the time running is a break from thinking (this is also mentioned in the cartoon but I also realized it today).  I try to concentrate on what’s vexing me and then I am focused on running and/or my mantra.  For me, a break from thinking is like what summer vacation is to a youngster!

Those are some of my thoughts on running as of late!  Oh and one last thing – can all runners unite against hecklers who honk at you as they are driving past?  I HATE THIS!  Why do people think it’s so funny?!  I know I’ve mentioned this before but someone did this to me on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  I know they were laughing because their window was open I could hear them as they drove by.  Maybe I need a tazer…

this is exactly how far I jumped

2 thoughts on “lots o’ running

  1. I hate honkers. I totally want to flip them off, but I don’t. I was finishing my brick workout tonight (15 mile bike ride, 5k run) and was almost back to my car when some punk on his back said “hey sweaty” on the trail. I totally wanted to punch his ugly punk face. End rant. :-)

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